Buy a car, the insurance on these things, you know?

There are many novice friends to buy a Car, in the insurance at the same time do not know how to choose insurance? There are insurance should pay attention to what matters it? Small series for everyone to popularize today!

Car insurance we all know there are many, so when the choice of a lot of people appear confused and do not know how to choose? Some insurance bought a lot of no use, of course, the money, you can buy all! Buy the better! To introduce the next Will be to buy insurance! Compulsory insurance! Car damage! Non-deductible insurance! Third party liability insurance! Third party liability insurance Is recommended to buy 50 -100 million. Because, third party liability insurance really can play a significant role in some cases!

buy insurance you know what time it take effect? If you buy insurance the day of the accident, the insurance company’s claims are not! Because in many cases the same day the policy Is not in effect! Policy to take effect the next morning.

bought all rIsks on Quanpei it? NO! Of course not, there Is no concept of Auto insurance “all rIsks”, there Is only the main insurance and additional insurance points. The so-called “all rIsks”, usually pay high insurance business and the four main rIsk that three insurance, Car damage, the entire vehicle pilfer, Car insurance personnel.