Board officers liability insurance automobile insurance in the end or not to buy? Do not be fooled others

[master Car: Car knowledge Auto insurance] many kinds of terms and more, after many owners do not know what effect the purchase of various insurance Is to apply what was happening. So out of the accident for filing a claim, the face of various exclusions reasons completely dumbfounded. Today we talk about what’s vehicle liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance how much money, as well as specific payment standard.

What liability insurance

board staff Is?

vehicle liability insurance Is a Car insurance, casualty insurance company in the accident caused by the driver and passengers compensation, in other words when the Car were injured along with you and your friends or family, the insurance company Will pay funeral expenses, compensation for injuries, medical expenses and lost income, fees.

For Car owners, there are two things to keep in mind in personal Automobile liability insurance: 1, board staff suffered under the Car when personal casualties not lose; 2, the insured person does not pay and outdoor seating.

Master Summary: when buying the vehicle officers liability insurance, you must specify the number of seats to be insured, if an insured event occurs, the insurance the company Will be responsible for the number of seats covered only. Recommend that all Car owners to purchase liability insurance for staff according to the number of seats of the Car, a few more money, take your Car to the extra protection of family and friends.