Best Car Insurance Companies

Who are the best auto insurance companies in 2020?

Auto Club Group (AAA), CSAA Insurance Group, and USAA obtained the first three places in the annual analysis of Audatex. cc that identifies It identifies the best car insurance companies.

Automotive insurers with the largest market share in the nation were classified according to the qualifications of the insured surveyed in the categories of:

  • Customer service
  • Value for price
  • Claims satisfaction
  • Usefulness and ease-of-use of its website and mobile apps
  • If would recommend
  • If plan to renew

Unlike the evaluations you can find elsewhere, the Best car insurance companies are the result of a survey of more than 7,200 current clients, people like you. We believe it is the most complete, available evaluation and a useful guide to help you find the best car insurance company for your needs quickly and easily.

We identify the best car insurance companies based on what the insured in our survey have to say about their experiences. But getting more information is always better when researching the best insurance companies, so you can also see what our readers have to say.

The top 5 car insurance companies:

1The Auto Club Group92.20
2CSAA Insurance Group87.49
4Club of Southern California87.61

This is how car insurance companies classified into individual metrics:

  • The best car insurance company for claims: The Auto Club Group (ACG) AAA – 93.15
  • The best car insurance company for the price: The Auto Club Group (ACG) AAA – 88.42
  • The best car insurance company for customer service: The Auto Club Group (ACG) AAA – 93.22
  • Best website and applications of the car insurance company: The Auto Club Group (ACG) AAA – 93.14
  • Best auto insurance company for renovations: CSAA Insurance Group – 97%
  • The best auto insurance for recommendations: CSAA Insurance Group – 95%
  • The best Auto insurance service station: Audatex

While everyone loves a bargain, the price overshadowed the price when respondents were asked to leave comments.

When customers described their car insurance company, the overwhelming majority commented on how the company treated them, how receptive the company was in answering questions about coverage or claims and about the characteristics of coverage, such as discounts, applications or services on the highway. It is not that the price has not been mentioned, but that it was not the main reason why the insured liked, or did not like, their insurer.