Beginning thIs year, these six cases insurance companies can no longer rely on can not afford!

to buy a new Car insurance Is the primary consideration, it Is not allowed on the road without insurance, and the annual premium Is raIsed part of the cost of the Car, so Car owners attention on vehicle insurance Is still very high. 2017 Auto insurance and out of the new regulations, Auto insurance rates to further expand the floating range, before those people think we should now finally got what they wanted compensation for the.

As Car owners of small partners must understand the content of the new provIsions, or perhaps that time Will suffer a great deal, following small series talking about Is some of the new requirements of insurance 2017 content, hope you known.

premium rate fluctuations, some people are happy others are sad

the original Car insurance, Car owners often an accident rates go up to a maximum of 1.3 times the baseline level, but in the new under the system to the lowest coefficient of 0.6, up to 2 times. For example, a new Car premium 4000 yuan a year, twice if I had the dangerous condition, the following year the premium Will become 5000 yuan; if the dangerous condition becomes three times the 6000 yuan; if the dangerous condition becomes four times the 7000 yuan; 5 times the premium Will reach dangerous condition 8,000 yuan.

for no reward also have to escape from danger makes us look forward. For example, the new Car Is still 4000 yuan a year premium, if I had not danger, the following year the premium becomes $ 3,000; 2 years Is not a dangerous condition becomes 2800 yuan; 3 years not escape from danger became 2400 yuan.

“zero integer ratio” Is what the hell? Like Why the prices are different premiums

Do not think the same as the price of Car insurance premium also, the new Auto insurance rates Is not only related to the purchase price, but also linked to the vehicle brand. For example, you spend 20 million to buy a Mercedes A-class premium and buy a Volkswagen 200,000 others simply do not like the Mercedes-Benz premium much higher. Why? Because Benz Is higher than the general public “zero than the whole.” That Is more expensive Mercedes-Benz parts, maintenance costs are also higher.

“zero-stoichiometric” in the end Is what the hell? That Is, the price of the specific models of parts and vehicle sales price ratio, the higher the ratio, the higher the rate of Auto insurance. So small partners ready to buy a Car before the election, the Car must look at the vehicle’s “zero-stoichiometric” and Auto insurance rates.

“high-low pay Paul” Is finally over

So-called “high-low pay Paul” Is when the insurance company promIses to determine the insured amount in accordance with the new Car to purchase, but the real payout when prices have to follow the depreciation of the vehicle payment. The new Auto insurance clearly defined, according to the insured vehicle price after depreciation, that new Car to purchase 200,000, five years after depreciation 100,000, that of 10 million dollars to pay premiums.

do not pay before, and now finally bear the consequences of the

ThIs part can be said to be the greatest good for the owners. Beginning thIs year, the following six cases Will be based on the new regulations explicitly included in the scope of Auto insurance payment, to further fill the loopholes generated a lot of Cars line. Let’s take a look together.

1. Car not on the license to an accident. The new Auto insurance new Car on the Card Will be exempt from liability excluded, included Car damage insurance. So the new Car Is not on the Cards occurrence of loss of vehicles, the insurance company would pay in fines in the caustic danger areas of responsibility. But the event of an accident if the vehicle driving license, license plate to be written off, according to the specified test or fail the inspection and other circumstances, the loss of vehicles belonging to the exclusions of the scope of caustic danger, the insurance company Will not be reimbursed.

2. Erroneous own vehicle hit their own side. The new Auto insurance Will be included in the insured person’s family members, personal injury or death to a third party liability insurance limits. Meanwhile, the new Auto insurance PROVISIONS Article conventions: board staff refers to the moment of an accident, the insured persons in the motor vehicle body or body, including being on the staff to get off.

3. An accident when driving license Is lost. The new Auto insurance Will not “driving license Is lost,” included exclusion of liability range. Occurred during loss of vehicle driving license Is lost, the insurance company may be paid in a caustic danger areas of responsibility. But when the insured event occurs, the driver’s driving license Is lawfully detained, the suspension, revocation, cancellation, the insurance company Will not cover the losses of the insured vehicle.

4. Driver’s license expiration time of the accident. The new Auto insurance accident when driving permit expired excluded from liability exemption to include insurance Che Sunxian. ThIs loss occurs, the insurance company paid within the scope of responsibility for Car damage. However, in the event of an insured event, if the driver Is not a driver’s license, driver’s license or detained in accordance with law, the suspension, revocation, cancellation, exemption Is the responsibility of caustic danger of the loss of the insured vehicle, the insurance company Will not be reimbursed.

5. The vehicle accidental damage can not find the person responsible. newAuto insurance Car damage insurance provIsions agreed: the loss of the insured motor vehicle shall be responsible for compensation by a third party, the third party can not be found, the implementation of a 30% absolute franchIse. That vehicle accident loss, liability can not find people, people from the insurance company paid deduct 30%.

6. The vehicle Is involved in natural dIsasters. The new Auto insurance clearly defined hail, wind, snow and other natural dIsasters as well as onboard Cargo, board officers accidental impact thIs vehicle to compensable loss.

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