Automotive glass smashed the insurance company exclusions? Older drivers: Because you said “yes”!

In today’s society, for people buying a Car Is a perfectly normal thing, however, since the Car, we Will be more convenient to travel in time, but for the Car, although it gives us travel brings great convenience, but we are also in usually need to pay more to maintain, because if not properly maintained, then the Car may also be some problems large and small, and we bought the Car in the future also Will give an insurance policy on your Car to buy, buy insurance after some of the security Issues of the Car can be guaranteed, but some owners find that their Car glass was smashed, and the insurance company when filing a claim, the insurance companies have refused to claim, then thIs Is Why? Old driver said: Because you said “yes”!

now are basically people travel by Car, though the Car to our lives has brought great convenience, but also to an increase in Car road caused a lot of pressure, but when we usually drive, and if there are peak commuting or holiday time, every so often the case of traffic jams occur, but also very much a novice driver now, in on the road, because sometimes if less skilled driving techniques, it Will also rubs some small events, so in order to reduce our financial losses, we Will give the Car to buy some insurance, but if these small incidents words , then the insurance company also Will give you some compensation, but the glass was smashed Car, the insurance company Is not reparation. So thIs Is Why?

We usually driving, if a traffic accident occurs, certainly the first thought Is to give the insurance company a call, and Insurance companies Will also be some compensation to us based on our accidents occur, and in the process of compensation, the insurance companies are most concerned about Is the Car was smashed glass there? If the owner of the answer Is yes, then the insurance company might represent for thIs situation Is not going to be claim.

because for the Car’s windshield was smashed, then we need to purchase a separate copy of Automotive glass insurance, only owners bought the copies of the insurance, then the insurance company Will pay compensation, ifOther general Auto insurance, it Is not compensation for damage to Car glass, so we, then, if they feel they have a need, then you can also buy an insurance policy on the glass in a separate insurance.

And when we accident, if the glass break anymore, do not be too anxious to the garage, if there are other injuries, then we should Carefully look at the lIst of insurance purchased, there can be no compensation if there Is compensable, then also you can find the insurance company for compensation, but in time to call the insurance company, but also remember not to talk too much, because the more you say the more likely Will be wrong, but if it Is some small accident, then you can also solve compounding with each other, do not go through insurance because the insurance indemnity pay Is only a small part, but in the next you may pay more in some of the premium, which Is worth the candle.

then for a variety of Auto insurance insurance company what you have to understand it? Which do you think insurance Is unnecessary to buy, and which Is necessary to buy the insurance, welcome to leave a message to share, oh.