Automotive experts: car insurance to buy enough of these four, the rest are a waste of money!

Automotive experts: Car insurance to buy enough of these four, the rest are a waste of money!

Cars into the millions of households, followed by repair, maintenance, Car insurance and other Car-related Issues, particularly Car insurance colorful, dazzling, what kind of insurance should buy better? Do not buy Car insurance! Expert advice: buy four, others are a waste of money!

The first Is to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance Is a type of insurance to compulsory purchase, in fact, thIs kind of insurance Is to ensure that the interests of victims, for example, you are driving to the course which accidentally hit a pedestrian, or hit other vehicles, then pay high insurance that can help you claims, in fact, thIs insurance Is also very practical, but because of the amount of claims Is relatively small, so that there are a lot of Car owners completely not quite expect thIs insurance, but Is simply nothing to buy.

The second Is to have Auto insurance third party liability insurance to buy, because we all know that in addition to pay high insurance Is a must buy it, so third party liability insurance Is to buy, we all know the amount to pay high insurance claims are relatively low, so after we bought these third party liability insurance, hIs claim amount Will be relatively strong, the rIsk of a lot more, in thIs case our Cars Will have more protection.

The third Is Car damage, Car damage insurance Is mainly the body, most of us could touch the accident and losses of natural dIsasters, caustic danger can hold live ~ but note that the Car engine losses due to flood damage, and no apparent collIsion scratches, caustic danger Is not lost, you need to purchase the appropriate additional insurance to supplement.

The fourth Is a non-deductible insurance, additional insurance Is a commercial insurance. ThIs type of insurance Is not purchased separately-purchased insurance, 5% to 20% of the liability should themselves be passed on to the insurance company.

You give your Car to do what it insured?