Automobile third party insurance in the end to buy 500,000 or 1 million good? LIsten to how the industry people say

In fact, whether new or used Car, so we had wanted to own a Car can use a little longer, then thIs time, we Will need to take good Care of the Car, so the Car can be maintained in the best condition, so we often have to do some Car maintenance. So if the Car accidents if encountered on the way running how to do it? ThIs Is what I want the Car insurance on the role, but now there are many types of insurance, in fact, sum up Car insurance Is to be a little more protection, then the accident Is not there anything it can find the insurance?

In fact, whether the insurance Is good, to pay high insurance Car Is a must to be purchased every year, because they do not buy insurance to pay strong, then the Car simply can not be legally on the road, of course, in addition to other than these, the Car’s third party Is also very important, because if the Car when a collIsion does occur, and if their responsibilities, then the loss to the insurance company can make payment, so the role of a third party Is great.

but not the same as retirement pay, so the amount of compensation Cars are different, the amount to pay the cost of a normal Car with a Car with no insurance Like, a lot of normal people usually buy about half a million, but a little better sense of security people Will buy one million, then the third party Will need to purchase one million what? Take a look in the insurance industry salesman Is how to say it.

First of all we have to consider the Issue of its own economy, if the economy Is good, then you can buy a little more, if the economy Is poor, then you can choose to buy five hundred thousand or three hundred thousand. In addition to these, there Is a kind just to get a driver’s license and friends should buy one million of insurance, because these people are not so good experience, driving down the road accidents are more easily found, so the purchase Is also a little more than the insured amount protection.

In fact, the way we often can see a lot of high-end Cars, so the vehicles after the accident probability Will be much larger, if luck Is not really good hit luxury Car, then really just have a few million to compensate, think about how many people in recent years because there Is no third party to buy, and finally all of the loss of hIs own pocket, It Is still necessary to purchase third party Car insurance coverage a little more Is better.

The final step Is to buy a certain limited deductible at the time of purchase of a third party, thIs just want to add hundreds of dollars, which Is more secure I hope you can drive in peace, and Will not encounter any unpleasant things. Then you have to buy Car insurance does what? Third party insurance and how much of it? Welcome everyone together to exchange.