Automobile insurance: Which insurance can be considered not to vote?

In addition to Auto insurance to pay high insurance Will pay, terms of commercial insurance, third party liability insurance, non-deductible, Car damage and liability insurance seat four key consideration Is cast. What types of insurance that can be considered not to vote?

First, the entire vehicle pilfer.

are owners believe that as long as the Car lost a cell phone, or being demolIshed rearview mirror, unloading a tire, you can find the insurance companies lose money. NO! NO! NO!

“the whole Car” Liang Zi Is very important! Needs of the entire Car was stolen or robbed, the police can not find your Car, the insurance company Will dIscount the useful life of your Car by your payment.

now the development of technology and reconnaIssance means, “Car thief” word Is rarely heard. You have to really want to buy a heart love money, you can buy a separate Car to “throw to send the new” Insurance, the Car lost brought back, the insurance company directly pay a new Car, probably premiums than the “whole Car pilfer” expensive 20 %about.

Second, glass breakage alone.

“separate” Liang Zi Is the key. Your normal Car driving on the road, suddenly a FeIshazoushi your windshield penetrated, well, glass insurance to pay you a windshield. But if thIs Is the first FeIshazoushi hit your hood, then bounced into the glass block, then I’m sorry, does not comply with glass “single” Broken trigger conditions, looking for caustic danger to lose money.

Car accidents caused by damage or even break the glass typically occurs during driving a Car, Car damage Is manageable. Usually when the Car Is parked outside, artificially smashed glass, glass insurance have a chance to use. Now look harmonious society, people who dare to break the windows, not much of a variety of monitoring, tachograph, every minute you can find the perpetrators.

Third, spontaneous combustion liability.

the probability of Car ignition Is minimal, even if the Cars electrical appliances, wires or power supply system aging failure of spontaneous combustion, you do not take a picture, call the insurance company’s point of view one person , it can be reimbursed. It Is required toFire Department to Issue certificates. You prove it Is indeed the Car to ignite their own, not man-made Car ignition or there Is danger of flammable ban resulting from combustion. ThIs proved good get their hands on, I do not know.

Fourth, the rIsk wading.

The insurance may be useful for both types of owners, one Is living in the southern city often flood dIsasters, such as a certain city ah you, the past few years when it comes to summer the rainy season, always something to talk to waterlogging topic; the second Is likely to put the Car into the Hechi in, of course, thIs Is relatively uncommon, and drove with the personal qualities related. However, even bought thIs wading insurance, you have to pay attention to, it’s just protect your engine only. When your Car Is the engine was flooded, resulting in engine damage, then you can lose your engine maintenance costs, not pay you a new engine yo.

In particular, note that the engine Is flooded, you also go to press the start button, Ohe, wading dangerous matter.

Fifth, the body scratches insurance.

thIs insurance, and I think it Is repeated caustic danger. Body paint scratches needs repair, it Is still possible to go caustic danger, if you go to buy a Car body scratches insurance alone, even if the paint does not go caustic danger, still have to calculate the number of rIsks, at least for the coming year are not insured dIscount offer, dangerous condition even more price increases.

go out happy, safe home, Is everyone’s most heartfelt wIshes, but also my blessing to all of us. Insurance buy Is a guarantee, can be less than a lifetime guarantee, it Is actually one of the best results. But when the case requires, it can relieve the pressure on our economy.