Auto insurance report, the wIse Will not say “the seven words” User: more money, then you say

Auto insurance report, the wIse Will not say “the seven words” User: more money, then you say

and now the Car Is indeed very popular to people’s economic level Is also very high, after the money a lot of people think the first thing Is to buy a Car, so give yourself trip Will bring great convenience, but when buying a Car many people know that the first one to give hIs Car to buy the insurance. ThIs time, relatively speaking Is required on every Car insurance, some people say, and when I went to all rIsks, the insurance company of an accident when I would go to lose it all, but thIs sentence Is real?

In fact, all around us often Issue such a thing, that Is, after hIs losses at the insurance company refused, can really be very many such cases, today it, I want to share Is that these words, if you say what if an accident happens, do not say such a thing on the insurance salesman must bear in mind that in the case or else he Is not going to reparations and more money, then you say. Here we look at what a few words?

1. Permit reversing lost. Many people say the rIsk Is to be able to buy a whole when all of your Car, just a side mirror or tire parts and audio equipment stolen, then the insurance company did not accompany, they Will think thIs bike after your Car Is stolen, then just say to potentially fraudulent. So when you go to any accident, do not say such a thing up.

2. I lost my driver’s license. Some people drove off the road at the time, encountered such a situation when the accident occurred, it Is also very tight, then, when he went to the driver’s license he found hIs driver’s license was gone, lost driver’s license time or replace the device, resulting in loss of drive, thIs time the insurance company Is a divIsion are not going to lose to you, so that drove the most important thing Is to do it? We should always Carry around a driver’s license, so it can help reimbursed.

3. There Is a report that the 48 hours. somePeople after the accident, was indeed a blank mind, and what he forgot in the end when the declaration, even within 48 hours of not timely insurance, thIs Is the best mIssed reimbursement, lost by thIs time it Will not reimburse you go out and becomes a loss or a typhoon or an earthquake Is a natural dIsaster caused by hail, the insurance company Is not compensable.

4. Only bad lamp. If we say that the individual price of your side mirror or the lights or tires are damaged, then the insurance companies also do not pay, because he said you would suspect, regardless of quality problems, say you are potentially fraudulent, then you trying to cheat him, to let him accompany. If he wanted to accompany her how to do? Then you put the lights around to paint scraping rotten, of course, if you are Willing to say that the case Is to do so, to be otherwIse Is definitely very dIstressed.

5. Car repaired, the documents and then reimbursed it. ThIs time again encounter any accident, so that when you do not have a Car repaired, and then worked in thIs collIsion avoidance evidence who dare to reimburse you, when was the Car accident after accident or if He says not to wait until the insurance company to set damage, then do not go to fix the Car, if you have the Car repaired under the circumstances, thIs Is simply the insurance company Is not compensable.

6. Restriking engine inlet to beat, and scrapped. If you are suspected of water gum damage to the engine off, and thIs time the insurance company Is not back, because he was considered to be the owner of your own mIstakes caused by operation. How should I do it? After the flooding to go inside, do not turn off the ignition, then immediately called a trailer the Car towed away. The vehicle from falling off the lift. If the vehicle Is any collIsion occurs during maintenance, then the insurance company Is not compensable, if your Car Is stolen, then do not pay, I believe we all understand that thIs Is not a few words can say. So we must pay attention.