Auto insurance in the end Which Is better? Big Three contrast, at a glance

Car of a friend, so every year there Is always the feeling of a large head twenty-three days, Why, because they do not know whether the original Auto insurance renewal insurance company, or hesitate to buy to buy or want to change a look.

When it comes to Car insurance, which insurance option Will not speak of thIs, just pick an insurance company let a lot of people can not decide. Some premium cheap, but very poor quality of service, the dangerous condition, the damage Is quite slow, laborious do not say, there are various exclusions.

thus understand brother thought, usually everyone Will be in the middle of the three insurance company PICC, Ping An and the Pacific make choices, they are different, what someone’s buying Auto insurance The most cost-effective, it Is to compare today’s analysIs.


PICC juxian highlight of State, background strong, domestic outlets over many, Is known as the largest domestic insurance company’s service network that can cover even the village to the county level. And to assess the damage, claims fast speed, large capital invested. There are three terms as Auto insurance, and life insurance with a A clause, wide coverage, basic can be paid more favorable to the owners. In addition, according to statIstics, PICC Is also the largest market share in the property insurance company.

less than two, one due to the more comprehensive regulations, so the relatively high price of insurance. Second, because the identity of the state-owned enterprIses, do not worry about profitability, it may have no place in dedicated services, but particularly afraid of complaints, what can not be resolved, making complaints on the line. CIRC complaints Tel: 12378, with telecom complaints hit 12,300 complaints and express 12305 playing the same so that, the owners keep in mind!

2, Ping

Ping highlight Auto insurance as private, Car phone, and online Auto insurance smooth thoughtful, more focus on user experience, thIs service do better. In particular, it Is home, “the first claims, after repair” model, for Car owners, very intimate. Unilateral Liability claims seconds arrival, fast and convenient, the owner can download Ping good owners APPIn its own report, simple and fast.

Although the service Is good, but safe, after all, private companies, money comes first, its family of Auto insurance claims Is more stringent. For example, the aforementioned “first claims, after repair” service, the owners want to enjoy, you have to comply with some restrictions: Car damage cases a million or less, there were no casualties, property damage, accident accountable, effective claims documents complete, safe and agreed to pay faster cooperation plant maintenance.

3, the Pacific

Pacific Auto insurance bright spot Is cheaper than life insurance and Ping an Auto insurance, lower (but after the change fee, the price advantage Is reduced) in Auto insurance prices, attracted a lot of Car owners. In fact, think Ye Hao understand, eldest two industry divided over the cake, like the Pacific and other second-tier insurance companies, can only rely on price to win the.

The advantage Is cheap, it Is very obvious shortcomings, and claims services Is certainly not as human security and peace, and money do not lie. But there are owners that, if good driving skills, not on the basIs of the dangerous condition, the selection of the Pacific Auto insurance can save money, it Is a good choice. In thIs regard, I understand brother reservations.


After the above description, I believe we already had an idea on how to choose the Auto insurance company. To summarize:

If you’re in a big city, think fast claims rate guarantee good, selection and retention;

If the usually busy, want convenience, good service experience, they chose peace;

If the Car does not substantially escape from danger, want to spend less, and fly, we chose the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, in daily Car, the insurance company some additional free services can provide relief for us, such as free delivery of oil, electric Car ride, repair, add coolant and trailer towing and so on, we have a demand not forget to use. Finally, to remind you: pay attention to traffic safety, to be a good owner, the insurance company you pick any!