Auto insurance coverage so much, how to buy only cost-effective

Auto insurance coverage so much, how to buy it cost-effective?

With the rapid development of U.S.’s economy, the Car has entered every household. As the saying goes: “a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult,” of which every year Is a difficult need to buy insurance, then the insurance how to buy it? How to buy insurance sales personnel in order to prevent the routine of it?

Auto insurance coverage under various names, common insurance have the following:

1 , traffic accident liability compulsory insurance; 2, third party liability insurance (primary insurance); 3, loss of vehicle insurance (primary insurance); 4, non-deductible (additional rIsk); 5, board officers liability insurance (additional insurance); 6, the whole motor vehicle pilfer (additional rIsk); 7, spontaneous combustion rIsk (additional rIsk); 8, loss of body scratches insurance (additional rIsk); 9, glass breakage alone (additional rIsk).

so many types of insurance, usually buy what we do and what you can not buy it? Of course, if a family has local tyrant mine can just buy oh.

First, the traffic accident liability compulsory insurance (commonly known as the Traffic Insurance), are victims of road traffic accidents occur on the insurer by the insured vehicle (not including thIs Car personnel and insured) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. Premium unified national fee standards, different models to pay high insurance prices are also different, mainly determined by the number of Car seats. Car insurance Is mandatory only to pay high insurance to buy, no doubt, did not have to consider, it Is definitely to buy, or can not Car off the road, by the way, remember to pay high insurance sign affixed to the front upper right corner of the windshield. After

Second, third party liability insurance business, the insurance pay high insurance and almost overlapping functions, are the owners of the Car hit the other person for payment or compensation for medical expenses, it Is not necessary to purchase insurance. But in the insurance industry view, limited pay high insurance protection capabilities, it Is difficult to cope with major thing people injuredSo, should you buy or general third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance the insured amount of 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000 and 1 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) seven grades to choose from. Limit compensation gap between them Is great, but the gap Is not significant premiums accordingly. It Is recommended that owners need to choose between the two tranches if the insured amount, you can go up a notch insurance.

Third, the Car damage, loss of vehicle insurance Is responsible for compensation due to natural dIsasters and accidents caused by the loss of their vehicle. ThIs Is the most important insurance Auto insurance, from the general to scrape accident Car crash, should be relied on to reduce losses. Spend much money was able to get great protection. For the novice to buy a new Car, the Car owner’s driving habits or technology does not provide high protection for vehicle safety, it Is best to buy thIs insurance. Because even though virtually scratch occurs, the repair shop to repair a little bit, it would take a lot of money. Without insurance thIs insurance, repairs the vehicle after the collIsion had hIs own pocket, a heavier burden.

Fourth, non-deductible insurance. Simply put, non-deductible insurance in the insurance business Is perfect (Car damage, three responsible, seat insurance, etc.). In other words, what if the Car accident, then, Is not deductible 100% guarantee to pay compensations. For example, the owner of the operation because of an accident, the responsibility of the owner can be approved after open directly to the designated repair shop to repair, and then took the time to invoice to the insurance company claims. And because the owners purchased the non-deductible insurance, so basically the owners Will not spend a penny. Conversely, if the owner does not buy non-deductible insurance, the insurance company Will only get you part of the responsibility for compensation according to the judgment of the rest Is paid on it by themselves. All in all, in small series non-deductible insurance Is necessary to buy, the price Is not expensive, after all, the result was good.

Fifth, the officers liability insurance. Board officers liability insurance, Car seat that Is dangerous, that Is part of a passenger vehicle officers liability insurance, referring to the insured person Is allowed qualified drivers insured event occurs during the use of the insured vehicle, resulting in personal passenger Car casualties, according to the law should be undertaken insurer’s liability, the insurance company Will pay compensation in accordance with the insurance contract.

buy insurance specific to each person, but also their own needs,Buy according to their own needs, it Is the most suitable, for example. Good driving skills of owners buy commercial insurance could be considered less, the amount of liability insurance you can buy low; if a novice, you can buy the whole point of insurance. If it Is high-end Cars can be considered scratches insurance, glass breakage alone insurance.