Auto Insurance Claims Guide

After an accident, it may be more challenging to contend with insurance adjusters and claimants than the incident itself. So, you deed to be patient. Filing a claim and waiting for a decision can be a war of attrition, but in many cases, the process is faster and smoother than you think Read this article to learn more about the process and how to make it work for you.

When to File a Claim

Whether to claim after the accident depends on the type of insurance you have and who is at fault. Here are some suggestions for the main situations:

Your car is damaged. Then the reason is essential.

  1. It is your fault. Make a claim depends on your accident coverage for your own insurance company.
  2. That’s the responsibility of the other driver. Claim the insurance company of other drivers according to the driver’s liability insurance policy.
  3. It is not clear who is at f At the moment it is not clear that it is not clear who is to blame. ault. Make a claim your own insurance company and the insurance companies of other drivers. Once the error has been identified, you will be covered under one or two strategies.
  4. The damage is not due to a collision. If your car is stolen, damaged or damaged by the weather, please report this at your comprehensive insurance.
  5. The other driver has no insurance or underinsurance. If you have uninsured or uninsured car insurance, your own insurance company will cover your loss.

You are injured.

  1. You have PIP or MedPay insurance. Even if you are not at fault or you have health insurance, you can claim your own insurance company according to your injury protection or medical insurance. Other policies may not pay all your medical expenses, but you don’t need worried if you have pip or med pay insurance.
  2. This is not necessarily your fault. If the other driver is to blame or the fault is unknown, request the other driver’s insurance according to the driver’s liability insurance.
  3. The other driver has no insurance or underinsurance. If you have uninsured or uninsured car insurance, your own insurance company will cover your loss.

 Minor damage to your car and no injuries.

  1. It’s not your fault. When other drivers’ liability insurance covers your loss, you don’t have to pay the deductible. Therefore, even if the damage is minimal, a claim will be made under the driver’s liability insurance.
  2. It’s your fault. If you can accept these small losses, or the repair costs will not be much higher than your deductible amount, consider not claiming. Your deductible may be less than your future premium rate increase.

The details of the Claims Process

The procedures vary depending on the insurance company and your state if you have any questions to ask your adjuster. But in general, the claims process is like this:

1. Tell the provider of insurance.

  • Who was driving
  • Location and time of the accident
  • Which covered vehicle was involved
  • The name and insurance information of the other driver
  • A basic description of the crash and the severity of the damage
  • Names and contact information of others about the accident and witnesses

2. File a police report.

Your insurance company will ask you for a reporting number. If you don’t get a report from the police at that time, you can still go to the local police station.

  • Follow up with the insurance adjuster.

There will be an adjuster contact with you from the insurance company. The adjuster will ask you for more information. When you describe what happened, say the facts, and don’t guess. Provide photos you took at the scene and contact information of witnesses. Remember that the conversation will be recorded and used to determine who is at fault. If you are making a personal injury claim to another driver’s insurance company, you may need to contact a lawyer before this step.

  • Evaluation

Your adjuster will consider and evaluate the facts and your insurance policy, check the loss, and may pay the initial compensation.

  • Resolution

The adjuster will approve the final payment. You will sign a termination agreement to accept cash as full payment for the case.

Bodily Injury Claims

Get treatment immediately, and as injuries become apparent.

Don’t wait if the pain and pain come to your body because injuries need immediate treatment to avoid to make it more dangerous. Make sure that all health care providers understand that a car accident caused your damage. Also, please provide them with information about car insurance for your policies and policies of other drivers, as well as any health insurance you have.

You can get help from an attorney for a liability claim.

If you have a severe injury caused to other drivers, you’d better contact a lawyer to help you to file a claim for other drivers’ liability policy. Personal injury lawyers provide free initial advice and will represent you based on an accident, which means they only get paid if your claim is successful.