Auto insurance against accidents with less? Do not be silly, there are four free Rescue waiting for you!

buy Car insurance, a year without a dIsadvantage? Police: Because you do not get thIs free service!

Many people now understand the importance of Car insurance, they should after buying a new Car after finIshing all the formalities, then Will give the Car insurance Is that some owners feel If the Car Is not on the insurance, then go on the road feel very unsafe, there are also a number of owners feel that if the Car insurance, but there Is no accident year loss Is not it? ThIs may not necessarily occur even if we do not have an accident within a year the owner can still enjoy 4 free rescue service.

a look at the first one hundred kilometers towing services, Is now open in the Car after a long time, coupled with the variety of problems, it Is prone to the case broke down halfway, which Is called when the trailer price Is very expensive, should easily a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, so the price of the Car owners Is spending a small fortune, thIs time we just want to make to the insurance company, they Will have one hundred kilometers trailer free service, of course, more than one hundred kilometers later we need to charge by the mile.

, paragraph 2 Is one hundred kilometers of oil delivery service free, under a Car if the owner Is Careless, if not the Car the oil that Is much more awkward Yeah, at thIs time not to call anyone, but it can call the insurance company, within one hundred kilometers Is free, and more than one hundred kilometers Is to charge by the mile, buy Car insurance, not a year a dIsadvantage? Police: Because you do not get thIs free service! Although the oil delivery Is free but the price of gasoline itself still needs the pay.

, paragraph 3, of temporary free repair service, in fact, the Car Is very safe, if not the accident occurs, if there Is a Car Some problems are problems on small parts, thIs time may not understand the feeling of the Car head as big as a cow, but the insurance company that a service Is also free of charge, they Will bring spare parts for free replacement to the owners, of course, the replaced parts also require the owner to pay the price.

Item 4 free charge, because the Car after a long time not open, it Is easy to appear or loss of electricity, Car insurance no accidents less than in the prolonged use of electronic products Car? Do not be silly, there are four free rescue like waiting for you! In fact, a Car power loss occurs if the owners take the wire, then they would be resolved, but the owners have to have thIs knowledge, so call the insurance company Is also a good solution.

we can not see us in a year the insurance Will not lose, you can also enjoy free within a year the four services, of course, only one of every service opportunity also hope that we cherIsh, I hope you drive every year in the future are less than insurance.