Auto 4S with compulsory insurance, which Is tricky, you know how much?

Today we start talking about a word insurance. I believe the word you are not familiar with how, when ill health insurance to use, when to use the Car to vehicle insurance, as well as personal injury insurance, travel insurance aviation insurance and so on. ThIs Insurance Is not a small effect on our lives Is. However, if at the time of purchase of goods, forced tying the other commercial insurance, Will you? I believe most people the answer Is no. Recently, however, we found that the column Reporters survey, the vast majority of Nanchang Auto 4S shops are there to force Car insurance tying the phenomenon. What Is the situation here!

Reporter first came located in Nanchang Hongdu Avenue of Chang’an Automobile 4S shops, selected the family Car around a 7 million, sales staff told Reporters, in order to buy a Car the amount of insurance must be purchased in the first year of their store Is 5300 yuan, but also pay more of $ 1,000 the second year as an advance purchase insurance in the store, the total price Is 73600. If the plane to the 5300, which can add 10 million, to planing to 6300.

sales, said insurance must be bought with us. Staging words must also be bought on our side. Sales staff said, of which one thousand yuan as the second year of renewal in the store to pay deposit insurance, if not the second year renewal, then the money can not be refunded. Afterward, the Reporter went to Honduras, also located in the Avenue of public Motors, 4S store sales staff also have to buy the insurance required to buy a Car in the store, when a Reporter asked whether to choose insurance salesperson a negative. Sales staff said all the 4S shop to buy a Car as long as you are the same, you bind a third party vehicle damage and the corresponding non-deductible, others you can choose your buy or not to buy. The three Is that you must buy.

in Nanchang Hengxin Star Kay Cadillac, Hanson star Kay Volkswagen, Haifeng Dongfeng Citroen franchIse stores and other Auto 4S sales require customers to buy Car insurance, insurance probably around 6000 dollars.

When a Reporter questioned the tying behavior, California Hyundai 4S shop sales staff toOut of a straightforward statement that it belongs to the unspoken rules of the industry, basically do not buy insurance Is not selling Cars. And in Nanchang Qingshan Lake Avenue breeze Dongfeng Citroen franchIse stores sales staff, told Reporters that if the insurance 4S shop Is not binding, but consumers have to be Careful, do not sell you Auto sales represent the insurance stating that they left a space in the Car price in without the reserve price to sell you.

in several days vIsit, the Reporter found that the insurance has become compulsory bundling Auto 4S shop widespread industry unspoken rules. In 2017, the National Consumers Association organized Consumer Federation of America released the admIssibility product complaints analysIs Automobile, compulsory insurance Is also on the lIst. Because the alleged acts of a mandatory tie-ins, Is a violation of the right to free choice of consumers. Lawyer says accordance with Article 9 of Chinese consumer protection law, consumers have the choice of commodities, including fashion goods operators services, thIs Is a right, not be forced to ask consumers to agree to thIs business species delineation consumer items.

Since it Is unreasonable, then the Car sales and insurance marketing that does not seem related to Why the two services are bundled together it? Have said thIs Is because Car sales 4S shops and insurance companies have local stakeholders, such as your Car breaks down, the insurance company Will arrange for your Car to us 4S repair. And there are sell insurance commIssion. How much commIssion 4S shop to get?

Nanchang Hanson Oron Audi 4S store sales staff gives the answer, you can play 8 fold out, fold no dIscount, the dIscount that part of the money Is returned to us of. Whether the sales staff Is the truth, then, in Auto 4S shop to buy a Car how much consumers pay an extra pockets and to thIs end it? Reporters consulted the industry, give you an analogy, like you 5,000 dollars to buy insurance, the insurance company Will give us at least half of the anti-shop. So Why should 4S shops and insurance company profits added to go into, the industry gives thIs argument. All of the Automotive industry are doing, because I wanted to make money, high insurance profits.

U.S. has expressly provided in Car sales management approach July 1, 2017 for the purposes of, the dealers steamThe Car Is not to force consumers to buy insurance, or force the agency to provide services such as vehicle regIstration. However, the implementation of thIs management approach has been a year and a half, compulsory bundling of insurance are still prevalent behavior Why do? Experts believe that huge profits are various 4S shop dIsregard of the provIsions of the insurance forcibly tying the main reason. But the absence of market regulatory authorities, the Automotive sales industry Is not timely regulatory chaos, largely condoned the industry rule of flooding.

assume consumers to demand rights when, can not get a timely response to the relevant functional departments, thIs Will lead to the implementation of the provIsions in thIs process Will appear some lag. Counsel also pointed out that because the insurance contract and to buy a Car Is different from signing the main burden of proof consumer rights difficult, has become the main reason consumers are reluctant to spend the time to defend their rights. In fact, a Car with insurance are two different behaviors, because you thIs contract subject Is not the same, you buy a Car like thIs Is to reach a sales contract with the relationship between the 4S shop, then buy insurance Is to achieve a sale of the insurance with insurance institutions thIs, then, Is the relationship between the rights and obligations of the two different contracts.

then thIs process may be difficult for consumers to obtain evidence to prove that the dealer managers he has such a mandatory tying behavior. In addition consumer awareness of rights suffered when forced tying insurance and other acts should also be strengthened. So a similar situation to what the regulation which department do? After several days of investigation unannounced vIsits. Nanchang City Bureau of Commerce and the staff made contact, then feedback Is that we now have thIs voice, but in our practice we have not encountered such a complete or can corroborate. ThIs Is what we have encountered thIs situation a dilemma. The staff said, Auto 4S shops forced bundling tying Car insurance act, indeed belong to the management of the Bureau of Commerce, they Will investigate the situation, feedback after verification.

currently has Reporters unannounced vIsits to investigate the situation of all the feedback to the Nanchang City Bureau of Commerce, we expect to see real action authorities, feel supervIsion, so consumers real interests are protected. Tying for Auto 4S shops compulsory vehicle insurance industry chaos, what you have to say, or if you come across something like what