April auto insurance costs have to adjust! ThIs Is more expensive than ever?

Auto insurance by every owner’s attention, after all, payment amount of accidents on the road Will not be a small number, but in recent years with the increase in Car ownership in U.S. Is very, insurance and payment compared with previously occurred great changes, from 2015 it has been the third time to make adjustments, and in April, insurance costs and also what changes happen? Let’s talk about thIs a few times we start with the adjustment.

The first fee reform, commercial insurance and dangerous condition linked to

2015 CIRC fee change introduced for the first time, the number of commercial insurance prices and directly linked to the dangerous condition of the previous year. On a year without danger, the second year premium dIscounts; once the dangerous condition of the previous year, the second year of premiums no concessions; the dangerous condition twice a year, the second year premiums rose by 25%, and so on, in short, Is the more dangerous condition, The higher the premium, and it may be subject to an insurance company insurance coverage.

The first commercial insurance fee change, its practical significance Is the usual law-abiding owners and dIsregard for traffic laws and vehicle owners the difference between frequently potentially fraudulent treatment . The owners can not escape from danger get more benefits, potentially fraudulent owners also frequently less loopholes.

The second fee changed, avoiding a high security low pay the

2017 years, the U.S. insurance Regulatory CommIssion has launched a second fee change, mainly to adjust the Autonomous and independent channels underwriting factor coefficient, good driving habits owners obtain a lower dIscount. At the same time, the premium calculated on the basIs prices also Will float, the situation of 10 million used Car premiums 20,000 a year Will not happen again, avoiding the high security low pay.

The second fee change for consumers, real annual premiums have been reduced, such as five years, the owners do not escape from danger, you can enjoy a minimum 2.3 fold commercial insurance dIscounts; the price of insurance and no longer linked to the purchase price, with the vehicle’s depreciation, the premium Is also reduced, the premium Is more reasonable.

the third time fee to change, to further expand the minimum coverageThe gap between the highest fees and premiums

to start in April thIs year, the third time fee to change the lead in Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Fujian, Xiamen, Shandong seven pilot areas. The third main purpose of the reform, both to comply with traffic rules, driving skills good dIscounts owners, not make commercial Automobile insurance industry large losses. So for ordinary Car owners, of course, are most concerned about the immediate interests, you can save much money?

The third double-cut further costs changed coefficient, for example, when the second charge change, generally three years without Chuxian enjoy 4 dIscount, you can enjoy 3% dIscount after the third time fee to change the original commercial insurance flower 6000, can now save 600 yuan.

Throughout the three charges change, we can find the direction of reform Is to further widen the gap between the highest and lowest premiums premiums, so that owners get good driving habits more benefits, so that frequently escape from danger drivers pay more premiums.