Always emphasize safety – may be Why even the most basic of all car bumper or plastic?

always emphasize safety – may be Why even the most basic of all Car bumper or plastic?

before and after two bumper Cars at present are mostly made of plastic, whether Japanese or German, especially in 200,000 Cars, that chickens can also insert bumper very consIstent with the reasonable. Anyway, if that crashed, it relies on the root of thIs plastic?

In fact – we mIsunderstood the definition of Automobile bumpers, we are now in daily life before and after the said Car bumpers, in fact, only part of the bumper in the true sense. Before the bumper, for example, a plastic bumper real bumper housing, two right and left front impact beam and the crash box and other mounting components. Among them, the plastic bumper case Is, we often say that the verbal front bumper.

Is in the end when the front striking how protection – for the first section and the low-speed vehicle pedestrian protection guard area

deformation and deformation force value of the vehicle should be relatively small, in order to facilitate protection of pedestrians and vehicles. ThIs area Is a portion of the front surface of the bumper, plastic skin smooth and soft, it Is possible to reduce the degree of impact, pedestrian injuries; intermediate Is deformable plastic skeleton; internal metal skeleton Is rigid, i.e. the impact beam, may provide an effective vehicle for the the low speed protection. The second section Is a compatible area, the vehicle speed Is the crash zone – the zone must be designed to produce optimal energy dIstribution in the interaction region in two different quality of two Car collIsion, the deformation force value It should be uniform, i.e. the energy Is absorbed relatively uniformly in the speed during a collIsion, to minimize the impact acceleration peak. From the whole body structure, softer head design, the energy of frontal impact against the front of the deformation to absorb the impact force by introducing a floor side sill structure. Crash box, metal box name suggests Is to absorb energy, and its main function Is to absorb impact energy to reduce the impact of damage to the occupant. And different front bumper beam, although the crash box bumper Is also a part of the system, but that its strength Is not as strong as possible before the crash beams, but to appropriate soft, so as to first crumple in the event of a crash can.

The section mainly the Automobile passenger compartment has its own protection in high-speed collIsion, the vehicle bodyIn thIs section of the structure should be greater rigidity, a sharp rIse from the suspension to the deformation forces between the dash panel of the vehicle body, extends to the passenger compartment to prevent deformation; and requires in thIs collIsion, the structure must be through appropriate measures Automotive powertrain squeeze moves downward without passenger compartment

the third segment Is a self-protection areas – mainly the segment having the Automobile passenger compartment itself when the high-speed collIsion protection, body structure in thIs sector should have greater rigidity, a sharp rIse from the suspension to the deformation forces between the dash panel of the vehicle body, extends to the passenger compartment to prevent deformation; in thIs claim and a collIsion course, requires the corresponding structural measures to make Automotive powertrain moves downward without squeeze into the passenger compartment.

structurally passenger compartment design Is relatively more strong, ensuring adequate living space for the occupant during the collIsion. Accordingly, the front portion of the Automobile engine, the transmIssion must be transferred down the appropriate measures, it Will not invade the cab.

and a process Cartridge capable of absorbing the impact beam Is everything to the front portion of a vehicle body structure, for example, the front end of the front side member Is within the first range of deformation zone, thus provided easy axIs the crushing of the structure, that Is, we often say that the crash box. The front end of the front side frame some older models tend to be designed as a bellows, but the current mainstream design Is the layout of the front side member independent crash box.

compared to the iron materials, plastic can more easily to make a variety of complex shapes. Even if today, many complex shapes of the front, pressing iron Is difficult to be perfect, it Is prone to the phenomenon of cracking, wrinkling, affecting appearance. The plastic produced by injection molding, easy to be perfect.

in the current regulations for pedestrian protection Is almost zero. But in the United States and Europe, pedestrian protection regulations, must be considered. The use of iron bumpers, pedestrian injuries on the legs would be fatal. Therefore, plastic bumpers Will become mainstream.

Third, from the perspective of use and maintenance, although there Is no iron plastic bumper so crashworthiness, but it Is more economical to use.

In the Automotive body, front and rear bumpers are the most vulnerable parts. And if the bumper Is iron, so a lot of trouble to repair, sheet metal correction, more complex than the plastic parts.

Further, the iron embroidered also easy, as long as the primer to scrape substantially be recycled trimmed or corrosion Will be a long time. The plastic Is not, even if punctured, as long as little effect, are basically no matter until there Is massive trauma, and go unity repair. Repair bad, can be directly replaced, the cost Is lower.

Therefore, for the owners, but the plastic bumper can save time and economic costs.

We often say that the crash beam. It Is still iron. External plastic bumpers, play a role in dealing with pedestrian collIsion, to protect themselves when the usual small scratch small rub; accident and then a big point, the inside of the front cabin of the Car crash beam to protect, to minimize the owners maintenance of loss; if another serious accident point, the Car’s longitudinal beam absorbing segment, you protect the passenger compartment, the vehicle occupants to reduce injury received.

a plus one, which Is the Car shape, structure, material used dictates evolving

First, cost savings, convenient design.

Now Automobile production of the mold has, in addition to the body Will typically use external high-strength material, the other member Will try to use lightweight materials, such as plastic on, that Is, front and rear bumpers use more plastic material. Made of plastic bumper can not only save manufacturing costs, and easier to manufacture. After repairer cost savings, vehicle prices Will be relatively reduced.

In addition to the plastic bumper, also some of the top sports extensive use of Carbon fiber material. To put it plainly, it Is to lightweight body, so the Car braking acceleration a little bit better.

Second, more pedestrian safety protection.

Compared to metals, plastic bumpers to absorb impact forces better point, since the total driving road accidents can not be avoided, the plastic material to a greater degree of protection pedestrian safetyIt Is justified.

Third, can avoid a small bump.

if we drove a collIsion occurs, the plastic bumper Is clear that elasticity Is better, but also have a certain impact, to avoid damage to the small collIsion natural paint. Even the paint chips, compared to depression, it Is a little more expensive to repair it.

Fourth, the corrosion resIstant.

plastics compared to metal Is certainly anti-corrosion effect, not only can effectively protect the appearance Is not damaged, it Will not affect the safety Car due to corrosion.

Therefore, Car bumpers made of plastic material Is a lot of benefits, vehicle safety does not depend on how hard to describe materials throughout, or the interests of all aspects required to consider.