After the six service to buy car insurance Tips to save money can use for free

buy a Car easy to keep a Car difficult, Why, because the prices are fixed, but the Car Is a consumable fees uneven, do not pay attention to hundreds of thousands today, we mainly talk about Car insurance . To prevent the occurrence of Car collIsion rub, most Car owners Will choose to buy commercial insurance, probably in 3000-6000, the Car did not crash every year, everything Is all right, but it always felt too lose money to buy insurance, but we do not looking forward to their own Car may point out the losers, right? In fact, we insured, the insurance after the vehicle can go wrong recover some losses, which Is tantamount to their own consumption, but after about six free service insurance provided by insurance companies, can really save a lot of money in some special time we .

1. Generation examined. Many owners tend to be busy, vehicles to examined the time nor space, everyone knows, many insurance companies are all Vehicle and cooperation, can help free trial Car owners, many find it troublesome friends do not run their own, or free and Why not?

2. The free service cranes. Before my family and relatives drove a ditch, and paid a crane, and received 800, dIstressed. In fact, a similar situation occurred after the insurance you can buy directly call the insurance company, free cable Car, save money.

3. Take the. Long time no Car when the Car battery to run the electric situation may occur, beat the fire, thIs time if the phone looking service staff to have to spend money according to different situations, thIs time directly to the insurance company call to schedule people come take a tram to get.

4. fast repair. Vehicle there were minor problems such as a flat tire situation but it Will not be replaced, you can also call directly to the insurance company, insurance company soon to make arrangements for the staff can also save a lot of money.

5. Trailer. Your vehicle breaks down or traffic accidents when serious need to use a trailer pulled the Car 4S store or the traffic police force, generally ranging from 200-400 yuan call a tow truck at thIs time that we can not spend their own time and money, thIs also Van insurance companies free servicesAround inside.

6. Refueling. Mail Car bottomed out, and thIs time do not feel helpless, to call directly to the insurance company, they Will soon arrange to send people over oil, but oil still have money out of their own Oh.

Well, that’s after the insurance company to pay insurance can provide free six free service, it Is useful to the collection.

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