After the purchase of a new car, that thing about car insurance

do not know you readers who have not had thIs much trouble: to start life on a brand-new Car, would have something to be happy thing, but guilty of worry on one Issue. ThIs question Is not big big, small can also Big deal, the problem Is the face of a wide variety of Car insurance in the market, we do not know how to choose, which Is a must buy Car insurance, which in turn Is non required optional Car insurance do? After the purchase of vehicle insurance, the face of unexpected emergency situation, how should the right to be compensated using the right thing to do? Before you can apply for Auto insurance companies under what circumstances compensation for it? That purchase vehicle insurance for owners to people in the end Is worth it or wasted money?

Auto insurance

face of all kinds of voices outside, in the face of all kinds of Auto insurance companies to sell, whether you confused flawless too? Although Car insurance Is not mandatory to buy, but we Americans since ancient times there Is a proactive, preventive measures sense of urgency, just as health insurance, although we rarely used it basic, are also very much hope that their future use not see it, but still Willing to buy each year. Xiao Bian here compiled some small knowledge about Car insurance, we hope to help you less susceptible to the outside world in the purchase of confusion, make the right choice, trained eyes of fire Jin Jing, who spend less money wasted.

vehicle appears lost

The first Is the loss of motor vehicle insurance, Auto insurance thIs can be described as almost every Car has to buy, we can see thIs Car insurance the extent necessary. So buy the Auto insurance What are the benefits for us to do? Can benefit a great deal! Novice Is easy to make the body take place a variety of small touch of small hit, but it Is expensive vehicle maintenance costs hope and not deterred, at thIs time, motor vehicle damage insurance Will have great use of. If your Car insured event occurs, for example collIsion, overturning, fire, explosion, or the collapse of external objects, falling objects smashed, as well as with others of a vehicle collIsion caused by circumstances such as damage to their vehicles, then thIs Insurance can reimburse you the cost of maintenance of vehicles, thereby reducing the financial burden we should not have thIs.

Cars wading

If you liveOften heavy rain fell across the city or the drainage system Is not good, then you may need to buy an engine for their Car insurance wading the loss. In some cases, you driving the Car inevitably go through deep puddles, then the engine can easily lead to water and its direct damage, damage to the engine must be replaced, and if you purchase Auto insurance for the Car early, then Auto insurance company Will get compensation. The engine wading loss insurance according to their need to buy, if your Car Is often the shuttle in dry areas, then buy the Auto insurance Is not much needed.

Car ignition

Furthermore, Is the spontaneous loss of insurance vehicles, thIs small series that the insurance Is necessary! Because of thIs very comprehensive Auto insurance guaranteed, such as Car accidents or problems caused by its own electrical appliances, wiring, oil, fuel supply systems, gas supply systems, Automotive and other goods you are driving occurs, there are other dIsasters you Car losses, insurance companies have a responsibility to you on the terms of compensation. In general the new Car Will rarely be such a problem, it Is recommended to use a life of more than two years to buy thIs Car insurance, because time Is too long, the Car itself Will be some problems such as the aging, there Is the summer heat , the situation Is prone to puncture Car spontaneous combustion.

dangerous condition of the vehicle scratches

The next step Is the most common body scratches loss insurance, the Auto insurance estimates would be a name the majority of novice drivers in hot pursuit. I Will not speak anything else, who can guarantee that your Car Will not be a trace of body scratches? Whether it Is an unexpected little friction, or man of vandalIsm, as long as you cast thIs Auto insurance for their Car, in your Car has been “devastated” on the surface during parking, you Will receive from the insurance company. compensation. ThIs way, save a large sum up painting cost, think, or more cost effective.

In fact, there are many other insurance, such as third party liability insurance and vehicle liability insurance, the insurance mainly for the two individuals riding the Car, and the Car itself Is not relationship too much, Xiao Bian Will not describe it here.

Car insurance

Vehicle insurance, in the final analysIs in order to solve the thorny Issue after a number of unexpected things happen due. Advance purchase vehicle insurance for your Car, but it Is still in the plan for the future, some vehicle problems occur Is inevitable, we can do Is to bring our Car insurance to maximize the benefit to the smallest possible reduction our loss. Of course, at the end of the article, small or sincerely hope that the reader much for the Car purchase vehicle insurance, useless in the coming days.