After the car insurance service, put the car should pay attention to what you know?


Is inevitable that some Car owners to scratch Cengceng small accident, the insurance company Will arrange to the designated repair shop Car repaired, inform you mention Cars, to the scene of how a Car you should check whether the vehicle Is in good repair it?

1. The vehicle exterior view

for checking the appearance of the vehicle and comprIsing sheet metal paint aspect See the situation to see whether there Is virtually scratch Car during maintenance, sheet metal repair smooth, with or without irregularities and other places.

2. Check the tires and sheet metal joints

If an accident caused by scrap tires, tires should be replaced with a new view whether tire wear, you can read the whole of glitches on the tires, if burr complete, it shows that new tires. After the vehicle sheet metal repair joints should be checked whether the uniform, especially glass, headlights and other parts, if not tight joints can easily lead to rain water leakage, the vehicle Will be affected.

3. Check whether the normal operation of the vehicle equipment

-vehicle equipment focus needs to be familiar with the various Car and debugging whether the details of the site use the buttons to set various functions of the instrument tray, interior and other new and clean, and finally driving down the road test drive to see the function Is intact, the Car Is functioning properly.

If the repair Is not complete or shoddy parts, repairs can be made to replace or re-insurance company or vehicle maintenance plant. The owners of more than a few terms may be checked against the corresponding portion of the damaged Car in the Car mentioned.