After the car accident, what kind of accident report for insurance companies


“between Hong i” to tell you about the Car after an accident, what kind of accident report for insurance companies

A lot of people Will give Car Car damage insurance, Car repair when an accident can take the insurance, then what Is laid down the Car damage Is appropriate? Here to talk about instances. (The following Is only personal point of view, do not like do not spray), a few days ago to go out in the morning, when reversing due ignored lookout, hit a telephone pole directly behind (telephone pole position Is the middle of bike lanes and sidewalks, next to the bus station, after reversing the side mirror Is mainly seen there pedestrians, forget the positive poles and there), resulting in a cracked intermediate bumper, bumper fixing the concave plate, concave piece of the trunk. (Foot clutch manual transmIssion Is not reverse, the throttle Is not directly hit by the fire). Although not a good Car, but it Is impossible to say dIstressed, hit also hit, repair it, find a repair shop, said after the talk go caustic danger, after completing back to my 500 (first times do not understand, look ignorant force, and later learned that it was Paul P), a total that I have very good ah, do not spend money but also give me money, but I did not immediately promIsed to repair it, I said something to send home to the trunk and then go back for repair.

After returning home I contacted my insurance customer service manager (I was PICC), I asked her if the dangerous condition thIs year, the second year of premiums go up how much (because I renew her that for three consecutive years, so give me the answer Is very Carefully). Here Is the main event, we Carefully calculate. DIscount Auto insurance has, in my PICC Auto insurance to count, not the monopoly of a new Car 4s shop dIscount, then no escape from danger Is 0.54 fold year, two years Is not escape from danger 0.44 fold, 0.38 fold three years without escape from danger. . However, if the dangerous condition directly folded float up to 0.63. My Car insurance Is to pay 0.38 fold, for example, I pay premiums then 1800 Is enough. . But after escape from danger dIscounts directly go up to 0.63 fold, I need to pay around 3000, 0.38 fold pay more than 1,200 yuan. . However, rIsing more than thIs year, the second year dIscount 0.54% off need to pay 2,600 yuan, compared with 0.38 fold more than pay 800 yuan, the third year dIscount 0.44 fold required to pay 2,100 yuan, compared with 0.38 fold more than pay 300 yuan. In the fourth years to recover to 0.38 fold, more than three years need to pay 2,300 yuan. in caseWrite too messy, I simply express my escape from danger and do not dIscount the impact of escape from danger after four years.

After the count, I decIsively changed a repair shop, 700 yuan eventually settled all repaired (I prefer the original, everything did not change , rear bumper repair, rear sheet metal), did not take insurance because I would like to open two years and back then (after the bar before being scratched paint chips, costing me 500, I did not repair, the spray together a). Tip 1: Many people get out of danger, just the next year than how much premiums can rIse thIs year, you are wrong, you pay the insurance Is calculated according to the following year a lower dIscount, so you need to do and the next year premiums Compare tips. 2: premiums rose more than a year, you want to revert to the original lowest dIscount, you need four years, four years if in danger, but also from the new calculation. Personally, I feel, Is not a big accident, Car repair cost below 1000, the insurance Is not worth it to go, so do not understand some people only know the first year of the float, but do not know it just takes a few years to pay.

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