After the auto insurance claims, insurance costs next year Will increase it?

often walking in the river defiled? As long as the Car Will inevitably rub scratch and other accidents occur, the majority of owners Will be claims by insurance; but some owners had heard that Car insurance claims as long as the second year of premiums would rIse sharply, so there are small scratch small rub hIs own pocket fixed. So after insurance claims following year the premium Will go up it? Today, we say what the problem together.

First, it Is certain that after the year Auto insurance claims some of total premium insurance under have an impact on the specific impact of how much, it should be calculated according to the terms of the latest Auto insurance rates – primarily affected by the number and amount of claims of the dangerous condition, the more the claim number, the greater the amount of claims, the following year’s premiums Will be more expensive . According to the type of Auto insurance can be divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance in terms of two.

First, the Traffic Insurance: As long as the year Chuxian meet or exceed twice the dIscount Will be smaller

According to the latest safety regulations: Cars a year Is not dangerous condition to pay high insurance premiums Will be 10% off the standard premium basIs; two consecutive years Is not dangerous condition Will be 20 percent off the standard premium basIs; continuous three years Is not dangerous condition hit 7 fold –7% off the lowest dIscount also pay high insurance.

If a dangerous condition prior year, the single premium in accordance with standard premium dangerous condition twice or more, the premium Will be a standard single premium up 10%; in accordance with the number of danger, up go up 30%. For example, a common five family Car, a standard premium of 950 yuan, if not dangerous condition last year, thIs year Is 855 yuan; two consecutive years Is not as dangerous condition, thIs year’s premium Is 760 yuan; three consecutive years does not get out of danger, thIs premium for 665 yuan; as a first prior year insurance premium Is still $ 950 but Chuxian meet or exceed twice pay high insurance premiums rose to 1045 yuan.

Second, the commercial insurance: every insurance company policies differ, dangerous condition and the amount of claims Is crucial

the commercial part of every insurance company insurance policy Is not the same, measurable indicators have two, one Is the number of dangerous condition, one Is the amount of claims. However, the insurers preferential policies Will be adjusted annually, models, different types of insurance policies Will vary.

In general, the number appears only once and the total gross premium claims not exceeding the previous year’s commercial insurance part, can enjoy the same preferential rate of a year; but if more than twice reached or exceeded the number of dangerous condition, not only are not entitled to benefits, but also may require higher. Such as the Pacific Auto insurance stipulates: If the dangerous condition of the previous year does not exceed twice the amount of the claim does not exceed the total commercial insurance premiums in the second year of commercial insurance Is not raIsing their prices; Ping An Auto insurance if the dangerous condition only once, then it Will not affect the following year’s premium, and twice if the dangerous condition of the claim amount does not exceed the previous year commercial insurance premiums, then the second year can still enjoy the same benefits, if exceeded Will have to raIse premiums; and if PICC Auto insurance only if the previous year out a rIsk premium on the basIs of the standard premium can hit 7 fold, telemarketing Auto insurance can again enjoy about 8.5%, twice reached if the dangerous condition, then the electric Auto insurance sales 8.5% dIscount Will be no.

In short, if the driver Is old, dangerous condition once or twice a year, Is nothing problem, nor Will it have much impact premiums the following year. Owners can also be calculated according to your insurance company’s latest single insurance claim rates and loss adjustment expenses, say a painting in the 4S shop claims to be 600 yuan, Is expected to spray several times a year? Add up the cost Will not exceed the total commercial insurance premiums? If the cost does not exceed the total premium, and felt really ugly rub scratch or hurt the body, Is completely dangerous condition of immediate attention – otherwIse your insurance doing it?

Finally, teach you a trick, the best Is about to expire in a year’s insurance, the insurance next year has purchased a single (best for an insurance company) of ” free period “, centralized claims handling rub scrape their Car, the truth yourself pondering, bend brother Is not much to explain.