After the 2019 reform auto insurance policy, car owners please look!

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July 1, 2016,

nationwide insurance company,

has adopted a new vehicle insurance rates policy!

Let’s look at what the new policy change?

premium raw formula: Premium = (rate + base premium prices *) * adjustment coefficient new premium formula: premium = [reference purely rIsk premium / (1- surcharge rate)] * rate adjustment factor

Having said that the new policy probably points:

1 with the price of the Car. different levels, different premiums

different models, insurance costs Will be different. After the fee change, different models Will also become an important factor in the level of the premium amount, higher safety factor authoritative evaluation, convenient repair (parts less expensive) vehicles, security costs Will be lower. For example the price of almost two magotan and 3 Series, in accordance with the new policy Will have different premiums.

2. In real terms premium

before the fee change, when the owners to purchase insurance Is determined by new Car to purchase insurance costs, after several years of use, it Is still for the purchase price to calculate premiums. However, the theft of the vehicle Is damaged, but according to the actual calculated dIscount price paid, the owner very depressed ah. After the change fee if the vehicle Is insured in real value, of the total loss but also the actual value of the debts, the loss of part of the actual repair costs paid. To change over the previous fee, consumers need to pay the cost Will be lower.

3. Good driving habits can be “dIscount offers”

less frequently escape from danger on year, the second year can enjoy a large dIscount of insurance. After the fee change, premium price depends not only on the previous year rate of dangerous condition, but also with reference to the owner’s driving habits and driving rIsks. On a year if there Is no danger, integrated told, the lowest Auto insurance rates can enjoy 40 percent off standard rates, if not dangerous condition for two consecutive years, the minimum premium can play 5 fold, if three consecutive years (or more) did not get out of danger, The minimum premium can reach about 4 fold.

4. Crashed claims can apply on the

the new provIsions expanding insurance coverage, improve the ability of service guarantees. For example: the insured or the driver’s family may be liability insurance itemsUnder Peifu, to solve the “hit their own side insurance does not pay” Issue more than ever controversial.

after Auto insurance reform, the junior partner wanted to buy a Car,

Xiaobian remind three:

Car 1: can not just prices, see also zero integer ratio. .

2 choose a Car: You can not just look at the brand, but also look at the rate table. .

Car 3: no Willful driving, or half of the premium.


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