After lIstening to the insurance companies want to beat! Drivers reading thIs province every minute of thousands

As we all know, after buying the Car Is bound to buy Auto insurance, but there are still a lot of consumers to the concept of vehicle insurance Is ambiguous, often are lIstening to the views of 4S shop shopping guide staff in time to buy a new Car and Car insurance so that due to the lack of assertive and often pit, today, professors Will come and we talk about those things when buying a new Car and Auto insurance Will encounter.

a motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance

to pay high insurance Is that when the vehicle Is involved in a traffic accident, the insurance company Will give a liability insurance countries enforced in accordance with the relevant provIsions He was knocked party payment, but the payment amount Is limited to a maximum of 122,000 yuan.

Second, third party insurance business responsibilities

third who Is a kind of insurance against liability insurance to pay high insurance to make up the goal when be paid as others, but thIs Is not mandatory to buy insurance, voluntary based. When the vehicle incidents occur, should the need for payment of the amount already paid exceeds the upper limit to pay high insurance, buying a commercial third party liability insurance by the insurance company as compensation, without liability to be borne by the parties themselves.

Third, the loss of vehicle insurance

Auto insurance Car damage and the previous two Is different, that Is caustic danger payout target Is insured , which Is the accident of one’s own. When the accident occurred, in addition to vehicle damage from natural dIsasters, loss of vehicle out of the Car damage insurance can be paid to the appropriate damages.

First, the vehicle scratches insurance

Briefly, scratches insurance Is an additional rIsk Is primarily as a supplement Che Sunxian, if the vehicle who appeared scratches, but no signs scratched bump deformation, after the Car damage insurance exclusions, scratches insurance they can flourIsh. However, Professor need to mention Is that now the situation Is quite good social environment, the need to buy Is not great.

Second, the vehicle spontaneous combustion rIsk

vehicle spontaneous combustion rIsk actually caustic danger of additional insurance, the owner only if the insured basIs of motor vehicle damage insurance on spontaneous combustion in order to buy insurance, premiums ranging from tens of dollars it. Of course, if the vehicle Is still in the warranty period, there Is no need to buy a spontaneous combustion rIsk, because the Car manufacturers warranty period if the spontaneous combustion Will appear responsible for the loss of the owner (under Note that no unauthorized change in the vehicle’s original premIse circuit) .

Third, the loss of the vehicle wadingInsurance

involving marine insurance Is additional rIsk for the purchased Automobile engine, rear bumper of the vehicle in the water surface or wading flooded resulting in engine damage, Car damage insurance may not pay but wading compensation. However, if the vehicle after flooding, the owners also forced to start the engine causing engine damage or increase the extent of the damage, the insurance company exclusions reason.

how to buy the insurance for thIs was the most cost-effective, most appropriate, given several professors recommended version, Tell me what you choose it!

professor said:

1 small rub a small cut the best deal on their own, find the insurance company not only time consuming, leaving a dangerous condition of the insurance company Is still a criminal record, give yourself increase the burden.

2. Insurance renewal time should not be too early nor too late, take the initiative to contact the insurance 5 days in advance company renewal, the insurance company to avoid leaving an excuse to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

3. Insurance not 4S shop, to the regular insurance companies insure, or acting tIssue processing.

Written in the last: buy Car insurance Is to a peace of mind, for the novice it Is a very necessary safety net, and for older drivers, it Is still associated with buy buy accident insurance for the proper, after all, once out evenWhat accident Ye Hao has a guarantee, but, but, but, believe Professor road safety, ultimately rests in our own hands, and the line and pay attention to safety.