After buying car insurance, there are these “free item” can be used, a vehicle to understand!

Reprinted from one hundred Author: both sides say the Car

there are a lot of people have bought the Car in our lives, and in after buying the Car, driving down the road if we want it, are also required to purchase a Car insurance, only to buy Car insurance, we Will be able to hit the road, and buy insurance in the future, if there was a traffic accident, then, unfortunately, it Is also to a certain extent can reduce our stress, and in the Car to buy insurance in the future, in addition to the insurance can be used outside, and these projects are free to use, if the owners do not know it, we had better look at the .

1, free trailer. Although while driving to make our travel more convenient, but anyway the Car are also a consumable, and it Is in use after a period of time are also there Will be some failures, large and small, have If the Car when there have been some failures in halfway and there Is no way, normal driving, then, are the owners also choose to find trailers to help, but there are a lot of people may be looking for the company’s own trailer towing company but find to the trailer, the cost, and there are also a lot of some of the black heart of the towing companies are also take the opportunity to hike, the cost of the trailer so that it takes Will be higher, so to say at thIs time we also can contact their own insurance companies, insurance companies come to find a trailer trailer, we also do not need to pay any fees, but also has a certain mileage limit, and each insurance company are also somewhat different, so that insurance companies are looking for trailer, it also can be the first look at these.

2, take the free electricity. In our lives, because of people’s working pressure Is getting bigger, so that some owners might be some sloppy things in normal life, such as while driving, oh, forget after flameout off the lights, but when you want to drive the first two days, but found hIs Car there Is no way to normal use. In fact, for thIs case Is because the battery appeared in the case of loss of electricity, and for such a situation, there are many owners are also very helpless, but at thIs timeWe can also call the insurance company to let them take over the conduct of electricity, and thIs service Is free service, so that if you find yourself Car power loss, it Is also possible to find an insurance company, and there are some luxury 4s shop the brand Is also possible to Carry out thIs free service, so that there has been such a situation, we also can the insurance company or 4s shop for help.

3, on-site repair. While driving, there are some Cars are also be some failures in the travel time and the emergence of these faults, then, are some owners might want to find a mobile mechanic repairing a Car, but thIs Is also a not a small expenditure, in fact, if you encounter such a situation, we also can contact the insurance company, thIs time the insurance company Will send someone to help us fix the Car, and thIs service Is completely free and does not require payment any cost, but in the replacement of some parts, it may be some of the costs Will be charged, and these costs are required to pay for our own, but we can dIspense with a labor costs.