After buying car insurance, do not forget these free projects with a lot of people do not know!


buy Car insurance, do not forget these free projects with a lot of people do not know!

With the rapid development of our national economy, people’s living conditions have been greatly improved, and now the people of life’s also getting better and better, so a lot of people in order to let their usual travel more convenient, after a certain economic base Will choose to buy a private Car to do the means of transport, and now also more and more people buy a Car, we can see vehicles traveling on the road It Is a lot more than before. We all know that if you want to buy a Car after driving down the road a legitimate first thing to do Is to obtain a driver’s license, but also need to purchase insurance to pay strong, so that it can be, but now more and more vehicles on the road, so a lot of people think only buy insurance to pay strong enough, to give myself a heavy form of guarantee also Will pay more to buy some commercial insurance as a supplement. Purchase commercial insurance Is very necessary, so that once the accident, it can also help owners reduce some losses to some extent, share the economic pressure. But many people feel after buying the insurance, the insurance company Is only responsible to the Auto insurance claims, thIs Is not so. After buying Car insurance, do not forget these free projects with a lot of people do not know! After

1, free trailer

We all know that the Car Is a consumable item, so in use for some time inevitably there Will be some failures, large and small, especially on the road, when once halfway there has been no way to fault normal driving, then you need to find a trailer to help a lot of people Will contact their own trailer company, but need a Car trailer the cost Is also very much, if run into some of the black heart of motorcycles Will take the opportunity to hike, thIs time we can choose to contact your own insurance company over the trailer, and do not need to pay, but also a certain mileage limit each insurance company’s free mileage Is not the same, so it needs to consult with their own insurance company to understand.

2, free Take the

daily life believe that many owners have encountered such a situation does, Is put outForgot to turn off the Car when the fire until the second day when the Car was found to be no way to move up the normal loss of battery power also makes a lot of owners feel particularly helpless, thIs time we Will be able to choose the Car insurance company called to let them ride by Car electricity, and in addition to the insurance company can provide free ride electric service, there are a lot of luxury Car brand 4s shop Is a free service that can be provided, and be sure not to ignore.

3, on-site repair

If we drove off the road suddenly encountered some failures, in need of repair time I believe that many owners first thought Is to find a mobile repair shop, but thIs Is not a small expenditure, if thIs happens, then you can call them after hIs own insurance company, the insurance thIs time the company Will provide us with some on-site maintenance services, and these services are also free of charge, at no charge, but only you can avoid a labor costs, if the need to replace parts, these parts still need our own money to advances.

4, the oil feed water supply services

Many owners because usually no attention to the amount of motor gasoline, so that drive to halfway out of oil, there Is no way a normal Car driving, thIs time many owners are more anxious in the other vehicles on the road to pick yo, thIs time we can choose to call the insurance company and the insurance company where the staff Will give we sent over some of the gasoline, although oil delivery Is free, but gasoline fuel costs also need to pay our own, so after buying insurance these services do not forget to enjoy the oh.