After a car accident the insurance to go, it Is best not to mention these three words, or careful you do not give the insurance compensation

presumably concerned about small series or not, have seen small series of articles between people should know, small series specially talked about Auto insurance in the previous article inside Issues. When it comes to Auto insurance, then bought a Car Xiao Bian believe people should know that buying a Car, then be sure to buy insurance. And before we even went to Xiao Bian said that when buying a Car, Is a must buy to pay high insurance. In addition to pay compulsory insurance, Car owners for their own sake, but also to buy other types of insurance coverage. So the purpose of those Car owners to buy insurance, that Is the time when the Car accident to be able to receive compensation of some insurance company, so now I Will not lose too much.

but not a lot of Car owners think that after they have bought Car insurance once and for all of it? Many people think that no matter what their Cars out of the accident, what are knocked into the insurance company can find to compensation. In fact, to find a job to compensate the insurance company Is very particular about yo, not what you want to pay the insurance company Will pay the insurance company. When your Car insurance company called in an accident, the insurance company Will then decide professionals are able to not be recoverable under scrutiny after. So today, Xiao Bian give you about Is, when you go Car accident insurance, it Is best not to mention three, otherwIse Careful insurance companies do not give you compensation.

1. “I hit a fire.”

then we know under what circumstances, the owner Will say thIs to him? ThIs may be in the water after the Car, the Car suddenly stalled, and thIs time many owners Will feel very strange, it certainly Will again perform a firing. And if thIs time, the Car still did not launch, then many owners Will be able to detect the Car may be because of the water, thus giving rIse to thIs situation. If after that time you put thIs person called up the insurance company, do not say more than words to them. Because there are a lot of people do not know Is that, under the provIsions of the insurance company, if the Car after the ignition lead after two stalled, then the insurance company Will not give compensation.

2. “A few days ago the Car had been hit.”

For more experienced owners of Car insurance claims, they Will know happen in the Car a collIsion accident, it must be within two days to give the insurance company to call a special person to come to observe the situation and then decide how compensation. If your Car when the accident happened, but you did not fight the insurance company’s phone, but every few days in order that they may come to say. You have to pay attention, be sure not to reveal in words your Car accident occurred a few days ago. According to the provIsions of the insurance company, the insurance company if the Car Is not found within two days of the accident, then the insurance company can reject your claim for compensation raIsed by.

3. “Forgot to bring a driver’s license to go out.”

If the time when your Car accident, you He found hIs driver’s license just fall out of the house did not bring it, thIs time be sure not to rush to fight the insurance company’s telephone. ThIs time you should do Is to quickly bring their driver’s license in the home, or let the family put their driver’s license to be sent to the side. If you’ve put people called the insurance company, but also let them know when you’re in a traffic accident, the driver’s license Is not close at hand, then it may be in trouble. Because the insurance company may be illegal to you with no driver’s license to drive a Car as a reason to reject your claims application. In thIs case, you Will only be able to nothing with, Why did you accidentally say the wrong thing of it.

Is small to give us more than it tells, when you find the Car in a traffic accident insurance companies who want to ask for compensation, the best Do not say three sentences. There are a lot of people think that after they have bought the insurance can rest assured, that no matter what the insurance company hIs Car accident occurred are capable of compensation. Insurance companies are not stupid people, but also has its own relevant provIsions. And Xiao Bian here to remind everyone of the sentence Is, we have to be Careful when driving or driving obey the traffic rules, so it Is possible to reduce the frequency of Automobile accidents.

so smallEdited content today to introduce a stop here, there Is not I do not know what inspired after reading thIs article after it? If you want to know more about the consulting aspects of the Car, then you can focus on small series or small series of reviews which tell your needs, oh.