After a car accident had better not say thIs to the insurance company! Said on the routine, what the situation Is not lost

after a Car accident had better not say thIs to the insurance company! Said on the routine, what cases are not lost

As the value of people’s hands one of the highest property Car, whether it Is hit or hit by a Car people, for Car owners to any Car accident say are huge property losses. And now America’s Car Care has reached more than 300 million, Will soon break through the 400 million mark, Is accompanied by high Car accident rate! So after a lot of people Will buy a variety of insurance buyers to take preventive measures, but the people know the sentence: “! ThIs Is not the insurance Is lost, it does not pay” VIsible insurance compensation Is not so easy to get.

after we buy insurance, a Car accident in general to call an insurance company and the insurance company ruled over the loss, after the completion of compensation can give you a . But in the course of the damage, the insurance company Will keep asking you all kinds of questions such as “driver’s license with yet?” “Drink yet?” Kind of problem. At first glance these Issues does not make sense, who would drink driving? Reported that a driver’s license number Is not on the lIst?

In fact, thIs Is an insurance company in cliches, because regulations in the insurance deductible, with no driver’s license in a Car accident, the insurance companies also do not pay a lot the owners do not understand thIs, there Is evidence that there are numbers, numbers reported on the line, do not like to go out with a driver’s license, the result of a Car accident asked thIs question, one answer: “there Is a driver’s license, forgot.” When you say them, you’re in a routine, by virtue of which the insurance company can not give you a compensation, what the situation Is not lost.

In addition, multi-Car accident Is often the responsibility, the most common Is the two vehicles collided, the owner has the responsibility of both sides, thIs time Insurance companies Will be routine you ask, “who Is to blame?” most people would answer: “have a responsibility.” Then you turn on the set, you Will therefore be apportioned share of responsibility, on the other side can not get full compensation insurance company, so it’s best not to sentence the insurance company said compensation take less worthwhile, and every time the dangerous condition, the premium Will increase next year, if the loss Is small, then it Is best not to find the insurance, and now the Car so much, often small rub, are likely to be parked roadside and from the cable Car or pedestrianCut a scratch, many owners a little cut marks on insurance policies, the results of the second annual premium amazing, might as well make up your own paint to save money,

may have been 4S stores Will say up painting to hundreds of pieces, not as expensive? In fact, up painting can not spend so much money to buy a set up painting himself up painting on the line, now up painting are based on different models of the original color of the deployment, covering 99% of Car models available in the market, in accordance with their Car models corresponding buy up painting on the line, and easy to use, small cut marks Tu Tu painting, but also a big point of spray, then let the gift of wax polIsh polIshed smooth and bright on the end, an up painting tens of dollars, can use many times, but also save money, Why bother with insurance companies and a 4S shop in trouble?