After 80 automotive after-market solution for your special piece of car insurance and vehicle maintenance

Hello, everyone, I am new to the white from the media, briefly introduce myself, my name Is Huang Zhihua, after a 80, grew up in rural areas, it may be because of poor family environment laid grow Will be easy to make a lot of money and ideas with other people from doing the same thing unyielding character, the biggest dream Is to send money to the village for the elderly money, supplies nurturing home (sponsored by the village in 2019 and 19 five guarantees poor families ) 2000 mathematical Olympiad awards, graduated in early 2004, after the community did the waiter at the hotel, in 2005 began to learn Car repair, a street vendor resign after 12 years of marriage, 13 years to open hIs own repair shop so far, it Is still in the Car after thIs market, very glad that they are exposed to from the media, so I Will not get bored during the epidemic, and looked plums qi video made me more confident about life, since I was in contact with the media video in February, watched a lot of video , there are a lot of feelings, especially after watching the video Foxconn feel so happy, because they have skills, but also easily go higher than their salaries, but I Jane Single analysIs a bit, did not pay when their own school repair (2005), 07 .08 village has a lot of people go to work in a shoe factory in Wenzhou, one month 5.6 Qian, was very high, many people envy, but now we have technology wages higher than them, so I suggest that many young people can learn a lot, not only the interests of the moment. After the 80.90 Is the mainstay of the future, come together, my friends! About Car insurance and vehicle maintenance thIs can give me a message.