Accident claims only to find an insurance company? ThIs car appeared four cases insurance companies also look for free!

The main purpose of Car insurance Is to transfer rIsk, depending on the purchase of insurance, different situations arIse are so you can find the insurance company claims, to a certain extent, transferred rIsk driver. In fact, for an accident to find insurance claims Is not comprehensive understanding of insurance, commercial insurance companies introduced many free services, because many people do not know, so few people use these free features. Here we’ll tell you about the situation in which the insurance company can find free rescue.

1, the oil feed water supply

There are very few the person driving may not see oil tables habits, such as not open to suffer a former vain village shop where the Car after the strike, and we should not let the horse run horse to graze, do not strike it strange. Without nearby gas station, then the Car may also paralyzed the road, and thIs time many could find a Car to go to the gas station or have friends come to the rescue, in fact, more simple way Is to find an insurance company, the insurance company to provide the service free to send oil , of course, Is to send not charge any fees, fuel costs which still have to give. Another case Is no water tank, then Will be sent, but no water tank better than no oil to be solved.

2, the electrical connection

Car battery Is the life, the general Car battery usage time Is about three years. If the deadline, then the battery may also strike, there Is a long time lIstening to music, forgot to turn off headlights, etc., may result in loss of battery power. At thIs time many people first thought might be to find a garage. Of course, inside pocket money of course does not exIst, but from the standpoint of conservation, thIs time you can call the insurance company’s phone, let the insurance companies free electrical connection, as these are completely free of charge.

3, free roadside assIstance

Cars and people, people older , and a corresponding increase in problems, the Car may also be open for a long time rather abruptly broke down. If the garage Is relatively close dIstance also does not matter, rescueWhat speed faster. However, if far from urban areas, then you may be in trouble. The cost of the trailer may not be low Oh, and even some drivers also encountered astronomical towing fee.

4, agents examined

If the vehicle Is less than six, each need to conduct a two-year annual change for standard, if more than six years then you need on the test line of vehicles tested, experienced people may know on the test line test Is fairly complex, and Will wait for queuing time long, and some are not familiar with the process of the trial Car and went like a headless flies, these Issues the insurance companies think you can get rid of the insurance companies generally Will have a free trial of the service Car. No waiting, no queues, to get a phone call at home, there Is not the worry and effort it?

Is a one-time Auto insurance, unlike other insurance have similar dividends and principal repayments due to constant adjustment in Auto insurance, causing some small scratch small rub Insurance News uneconomical. Therefore, most of the premiums to the insurance companies are in vain, but stood no one of these free services available. Some people may not know, some people may feel free service process too much, in fact, these do not have to worry about insurance companies in the country have the rescue service center can provide services for the first time, maybe more than other services also quality of it.