About electric car insurance you must know four things

“Xiao Bian, you know the electric Car insurance? I feel it Is a pit!”

in the “electric large coffee,” the reader exchange the group, a netizen @ Xiao Bian, Tucao that he was experiencing “pit” of.

“At the time I bought thIs Car subsidy price Is more than 180,000, the subsidies are not to 10 million, can I go on insurance sales actually told me to follow the price before the subsidy Is to press 180,000 on insurance, too pit! Why, thIs Is not a lie it? “(omitted a million words Tucao) ……

in thIs regard, Xiao Bian’s reply was: “pro, electric Car insurance, there Is indeed in accordance with the price (guidance) on the ah. “

before subsidies in order to understand the riders on the electric Auto insurance “ins and outs”, Xiao Bian here to introduce to you the next, the electric Car insurance on four things children.

Car insurance and fuel electric Cars the same?

current electric vehicles and conventional fuel vehicle insurance no qualitative difference, the only difference Is that electric steamCar because there Is no engine, so do not buy the “engine wading dangerous.” Insurance covered by insurance electric Car mainly to pay high insurance, Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance. It should be noted that each insurance company dIscounts standards in various regions vary, the majority of riders can consult a local insurance company based on the actual situation.

Thus, although the insurance companies underwriting the electric Car, but did not specifically designed for electric vehicles types of insurance Auto insurance, electric vehicles and conventional gasoline vehicles are almost the same.

Although there Is no electric Car engine, do not buy the “engine wading dangerous”, but if you encounter wading battery failure, then how should we do? “After the big electric coffee” on thIs Issue consult the staff of the US Pacific Insurance was informed that, in which case only by the “loss of vehicle insurance” for filing a claim, there Is no safety problem specifically occurs on the implementation of electric vehicle batteries. As the case of the electric Car Is mostly focused on the cost of the battery, so the insurance company in terms of claims on the battery Will have a different set loss depending on the circumstances, but the definition Is vague and may produce wrangling.

electric how the premium Car count it?

Car insurance costs of insurance premiums Is actually the price of Car insuranceAnd decide the prices, then when the insurance Is in accordance with the price after the subsidy calculation, or the price before the subsidy calculation? Xiao Bian consulted circle around electric Car owners, they say, can not follow the price after the subsidy calculation on insurance are basically calculated according to the price before subsidies. However, different regions Will be different, there are some places after at subsidized prices to the electric Automobile insurance policy depends on the specific country.

“electric large coffee” learned that several major insurance companies Will be unified by the guide price , that Is, before the price of insurance subsidies, mainly because of differences over the subsidies, according to the price before the insurance subsidies would be more convenient. Some insurance companies Will also be given the specific circumstances in different regions and models corresponding dIscount, but dIscounts are relatively low, so in general, basically subsidized by the former still have a relatively high price for insurance.

batteries can individually insured?

in addition to the majority owners of the new energy battery life and charging Issues, most concern Is the safety of the battery. Then buy an insurance policy for their Car’s battery Is not more confidence?

The answer Is no! “Large Electric coffee” consulted three large insurance companies, they both said, as one of the core components of a battery of new energy vehicles, there Is no separate insurance regulations for which can not be insured separately.

Traditional fuel vehicles Auto insurance alone can not insured to the engine on the same token, it Is impossible under the current insurance regulations alone to the electric vehicle battery insurance. But alone can not insured mainly because of electric vehicle battery cost Is very expensive, accounting for almost half the cost of the entire vehicle, if damaged once the fault occurs, the amount of claims Will be high, insurance companies do not want to take excessive rIsks.

so the battery safety can not be guaranteed? Not worry too much, regular Car manufacturers Will give warranty for their product Issues battery, battery warranty period Is generally pure electric Car Is very long, and some also provide depot battery lifetime warranty program, so that was looking to buy a pure electric Car fly regular factory.

when a subsidized price paid by the former or the subsidized price?

Some Internet users question: “If my Car Is in accordance with the new energy price subsidies on the insurance front, you’re in an accident when you want to payment, in accordance with price Is the subsidized price before the subsidy? “

US Pacific Insurance workStaff told the “big electric coffee”, they were paid in accordance with the scope of the insured amount, how much money customers insured by how much money lost. However, when the “big electric coffee” private advice to the officers found the damage, cut a small electric Car meets small rub a small accident, and paid no different fuel vehicles, the number of how many. If the vehicle Is scrapped due to an accident, Is Carried out in accordance with the amount paid on the purchase invoice, depending on the set of processes and count the depreciation rate and other models to the settlement.

on the electric Car insurance, which you have different views, you can sweep the top of the article the two-dimensional code, adding a large electric coffee readership exchange group, and the majority of riders to talk together.