About car insurance, you know how much

With the rapid economic development, people’s living standards continue to improve, has been a part of their own Car Is not too difficult to do, and now the big cities in the front line, almost every family there are one or even several Cars, even small series where the small town, Car ownership rate has reached more than 70%, of course, there are times good Car, but no matter what kind of Car, every year Is bound to have a small fortune investment, that Is to buy insurance. I believe we are on Auto insurance also have some understanding, but some details of the content may not understand some people did not even probably noticed, small series to find out more about Car insurance today about those things.

As we all know, Car insurance Is a financial security to invest in their own Car use, the time of the accident in order to minimize their own economic losses, plainly, It Is something that can spend less or even no cost.

Car insurance can be divided into two categories, traffic compulsory insurance and commercial insurance, to see to know the name of the former Is mandatory, as long as it Is necessary to buy a Car, thIs Is the country Oh requirements. The purchase of commercial insurance Is voluntary, and you want to only buy, do not buy can not buy, thIs Is not the traffic police uncle of the investigation. Of course, in order to own the Car for less money when dIsobedient, or to vote several essential right.

give you about compulsory insurance, compulsory insurance, the full name of “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, the insurance company Is road traffic accidents occur on the insured motor vehicle by the victim ( It does not include the vehicle personnel and insured) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance to pay high insurance Is the United States first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system whose premiums are unified national charges by the provIsions of national unity, but to pay high insurance prices of different Car models are different, the main factor Is the “Car seats.”

What does thIs mean? it Is He says if your Car just bought compulsory insurance, an accident Is not their own compensation, thIs money Is used to pay the other side, depending on the accident compulsory insurance there are certain limits of liability than if the accident happened, after transport sector was identified as the primary responsibility of dead or dIsabled, and up to 110,000 compensationYuan, if relatively light, only hospitalization, up to pay 10,000 yuan, if the right people, up to 2,000 yuan compensation for property damage, of course, a form of reparation, the transport sector Is identified you did liability, the insurance company Will also compensation, the amount of insurance 11,000 yuan respectively, death and dIsability, medical 1,000 yuan, 100 yuan of property. ThIs Is not the responsibility they have to pay, and can be in order to reflect the superiority of compulsory insurance, you not let me buy, you have to give me benefits mean. With regard to specific compensation process belongs to aspects of the claims, the next time we talk to you.

high insurance prices, said above, thIs Is national uniform standards, according to different models and different vehicle seats, a family Car for the first year following seven $ 950 seven (or more) 1100 yuan. If you have not been out with a strong rIsk insurance, every year 10% decline, down to a minimum of 70%, if I had an accident insurance compensation for the use of strong, according to different situations and different:

The first Chuxian three times a year or less (excluding three) second annual premium does not dIscount the dangerous condition three times within the first year (excluding three times) resulting in death, the second annual premium Is 30% higher operating within the dangerous condition of the truck in the first year three times (excluding three times) the cumulative amount of claims over premiums in the second year premiums up 10% in the first year about five times more than three times the dangerous condition of the second year premiums go up 30%.

Of course, thIs situation Is relatively small float, if it reaches a floating standard, many insurance companies Will refuse to insure a.

Some people may ask, Why do I have more than 1,000 Car insured? There Is there Is another charge, that Is, the insurance company for the travel tax collected on behalf of the country, which Is every year must spend money. Here, like taxes on Cars last year, the Internet has spread a July 1, 2017 onwards travel tax to rIse to say, after a rumor was real, Xiao Bian guess thIs may be spread out right Car sales industry. Of course, on the specific price Is not the same throughout the policy, fees may be different, small series Is from Shandong, where the fees shown:

Of course, there Is also a not lIsted, Is 1.0 or more and 1.6 or less enjoy state subsidies for energy-saving models, every year Is to pay 180, a 50% tax cut. The Car Is so small series of it, the money can be saved each year up to a big dinner. There Is the first year of the travel tax Is charged on a monthly basIs, for example, you bought a new 1.0 in December following a Car, then as long as you pay a month’s travel tax, which Is 20 yuan on it.

next time to give us a presentation of Car insurance commercial insurance.