About car insurance. How can I buy insurance?

the previous period, to say something about all choose a Car or apply for staging, I do not know the junior partner did not understand, do not understand what can also leave a message to me Oh!

Car picked out, so long as there Is insurance, we can be more than Cards, that all that what the insurance to buy it? ThIs time, we track it said.

that Is motor vehicle insurance Auto insurance, Auto insurance for short. It refers liable for personal injury or property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance. It Is itself and its third party motor vehicle liability insurance subject of a means of transportation insurance. Their insurance customers, primarily motor vehicles with a variety of corporate groups and individuals; its subject matter insured, mainly various types of Car , but also include streetCar , Car battery and other special vehicles and motorcycles.

Therefore, insurance Is especially important Is to provide protection for your product! But there are a lot of insurance project which should I buy a few like it? Next, let’s talk about how to buy the insurance in the end.

Insurance which Is divided into two categories: pay compulsory insurance, commercial insurance. Traffic Insurance Is a national compulsory purchase, do not buy can not pay high insurance on the family, someone to ask: do not buy to pay high insurance commercial insurance can only buy it? The answer Is yes. Traffic Insurance can only buy more households, and commercial insurance so you can understand, it Is to pay high insurance claims and the amount of compensation and complementary projects! That in the end are what insurance do? We say about these common commercial lines: Car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, as well as the main vehicle for loss and three non-deductible insurance, Car insurance personnel, scratches insurance, pilfer, glass breakage alone , spontaneous combustion rIsk, unable to find a third party. These types are generally above we can see the family Car insurance, then, to let them one by one.

to pay high insurance :

The Insurance Needless to say, Is mandatory, when to buy insurance to pay strong Will and travel tax together to buy, the price Is based on dIsplacement may be, let us look at a picture to the amount of claims:

images from Ping An Insurance

The following are commercial rIsks specific projects start:

Car damage insurance :

mainly paid their vehicles, small rub a small cut, traffic accidents, the insurance company pay for your Car repairs when circumstances such as natural dIsasters, but in some cases insurance companies are exclusions, such as: drunk driving, drug driving, hit and run and so on.

third party liability insurance :

thIs Is obvious, Is paid to a third party, if the third party not a person alive vehicles, such as street lights what can be paid. If the insured amount as large point of it, many people are now more than 1 million of insurance.

Is not deductible :

ThIs Is mainly for the first two, and some projects have deductibles of payment such as 100 yuan, paid only $ 80, you bought thIs project Will Quanpei, but there are some special cases, but basically not too bad.

board staff insurance :

ThIs project Is a guarantee that all the passengers on board including the driver, but insured only 20,000, can be used instead of short-life insurance inside, that Is the kind of accident.

scratches insurance :

In fact, thIs insurance if I do not recommend to buy, scratch, scratch Is shallow scratches, Car damage Is serious, unless you can hold back up once a year to buy the paint, or even if the. Because the insured amount Is not high, pay-per count, which I never bought, so not too familiar with.

pilfer :

ThIs Is your general insurance in the 4S shop to do staging time required to buy their own even if the full amount, and now thIs year, basically no one Car theft it.

glass breakage alone :

I would rather recommend buying thIs, because under normal circumstances you who smashed glass in the Car when you do not have any injuries the road was gravel or collapse, you can not find people, you reported that your insurance Is not to lose, only a single security glass, you know!

spontaneous combustion rIsk :

I do not recommend thIs insurance, unless you buy older Cars, or buy ready to change your Car lights, ah, ah, what the circuit, some place a long time prone to spontaneous combustion aging wiring, new Car Is not necessary.

unable to find a third party :

The insurance specific name I forget, for example you Will understand last year, I parked the Car inside the cell, right rear door knocked, I did not pay attention, and later, when found ran for a day, then went to check the monitor did not find, I directly reported to the insurance repair their own, and now lost, meaning in that case you can not find the perpetrators of the damage to the vehicle, thIs can be bought now lost, can not find the perpetrators under normal circumstances, only pay 70% or 80% I forgot. The non-deductible insurance and do not conflict, the role of each Is different.

all insurance programs are here, and if you go through stages, they Will ask you to buy insurance 4 + 1 or 4 + 2, meaning that pay high insurance, vehicle damage , three, four personnel on board the main rIsk, plus one or two additional rIsk, my suggestion Is that regardless of the circumstances under four main rIsk Is necessary, additional insurance, then add glass breakage alone and unable to find a third party , we must add, the other depends on your own.

belong to consumer Auto insurance in insurance in the insurance, must be a one-year renewals, nor participating insurance or something, you do not absolutely insurance, running on the road we would not think to use it, but afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event, so, no matter the difficulties, unless selling Cars, you must buy the insurance, which Is to guarantee to their families.

Finally, say, insurance companies try to buy big, danger, or something faster than claims,Trust me!

Well, today, insurance Will stop here, what’s wrong with saying welcome to correct me, I Will continue to learn, hoping to help you, thank you!

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