A wide variety of car insurance in the end which to buy? In fact, there are these types Is enough!

With the improvement of the national economy, our life Is getting better and better, many young people have joined the Car owners. Now every day we Will see a lot of vehicles on the road traveling, when you buy a Car, be sure to buy Auto insurance, every time to buy Auto insurance, Auto 4S shop or your account manager always even Mongolia with a useful lie to make you not with full insurance to buy over and over. So that it can make our vehicles on the Card transfer, etc., but many people do not understand the Auto insurance Is often defer to the 4S shop, in fact, some Auto insurance Is a must buy, while others can choose according to their own circumstances, there Is no need to buy a whole. Do you know what to buy Auto insurance Is not the? Maybe even older drivers Will be fooled Oh 4S shop, just look at these types can be.

it first kind, called caustic danger. The insurance in case you are driving on normal, once the accident occurs, if the Car needs to be repaired, you can use the Car damage insurance and non-deductible insurance claims to be, but the compensation Is borne by you (because liability insurance Is not included These ones). If you have such a problem then, you can call the insurance company phone, they Will come to our side, it can give us some compensation for the loss.

The second type Is not the special insurance deductible. In fact, thIs insurance belong to an additional rIsk, if the driver Is on the road when driving it appeared the accident, the insurance company Will pay compensation to the owners of the full amount, in fact, there Will be a franchIse, part of the money Is needed to vehicle owners.

at the time of purchase Auto insurance, third party liability advantageous choose how much of the sum insured. do you know? ThIs insurance Is generally for others to do the service. Now on the road in addition to ordinary Cars, there are many more luxurious level luxury Cars on it, when once we have a number of luxury Cars and a Car collided Carried it, we can all be used in such an insurance.

as well as the most important one, Is that we often see the Traffic Insurance. ThIs Insurance If you do not buy it, the transport sector Will be found in your Car to be deducted and are subject to double punIshment. Serious Will for lifeDriving ban. These are all old driver taught me, it reminds us that if we go to buy Car insurance, which only a few can, buy a Car friends must pay attention.

Tips: U.S. III emIssion standards for Cars Will not be on the Cards before buying a Car, but the transfer can continue running until the retirement date.