A wide range of auto insurance, how to choose? Do not buy better not buy, you really buy the right? two

and now more and more Cars on the road, traffic accidents have become increasingly frequent. A traffic accident sometimes they can not afford their own economic losses caused by the accident how to do? ThIs time the insurance company’s role began to unravel. Now a wide range of insurance, we buy a Car, how to choose their own insurance do?

gave you today small talk under Auto insurance how to choose. Here we are divided into three kinds of insurance, Will buy items, an option Is not recommended items.

Second, the selective purchase insurance

1, Car damage – with their repair (not to damage the vehicle NATURAL compensation, as the engine on its own, rather than bad crashed)

refers to a caustic danger while driving a vehicle Is insured insured person or allow the driver the damage caused by the insured vehicle, the insurance company for compensation within a reasonable range of a motor vehicle commercial insurance insured event occurs. The main compensation for the loss of the insured vehicle! You probably think even the loss of the vehicle caused by natural dIsasters, the insurance company Is not wrong according to compensate! These words for half the loss of most of the natural dIsasters are lost, and alone except as ——– earthquake. The main changes in premiums based on the prices.

Car damage if you can buy, repair major proportion of price and premium according to their own models to consider. Van as a 5000 value of 800 yuan to buy a Car damage insurance needs, insurance policies for the coming year price 200 yuan, 500 yuan only need repair Is not recommended to buy. For example, Audi Is a premium of 3,000 yuan, 500 yuan price insurance policies in the coming year, the need to repair a headlight on the yuan would strongly recommend purchase.

2, pilfer – the Car was stolen robbed the insurance company to compensate the

suffered due to the insured vehicle the entire vehicle within the scope of insurance liability to theft, robbed, robbed and damaged in the process caused by the insurer pay compensation in accordance with the insurance contract. If you have a wallet thief in deep sorrow after theft experience, you Will understand that once your Car Is stolen, robbed, in addition to causing huge economic losses to you, there Will be extremely sad.

I should mention that the whole Car was robbery Will compensate, if you are alone steal the tires and the like are not compensable. Whether to buy according to need and value of your Car insurance premium ratio Is worth insuring. Some models can be stolen and the value of the insurance company does not guarantee or insurance only half (such as Wuling Hongguang). There are now many pilfer band of GPS (mortgage Car favorite) on the market, you need to pay attention to product qualification and hIs insurance company and the insurance Is within the validity period.

with the next Issue that we understand not recommended to buy insurance