A wide range of auto insurance, how to choose? Do not buy better not buy, you really buy the right? One

and now more and more Cars on the road, traffic accidents have become increasingly frequent. A traffic accident sometimes they can not afford their own economic losses caused by the accident how to do? ThIs time the insurance company’s role began to unravel. Now a wide range of insurance, we buy a Car, how to choose their own insurance do?

gave you today small talk under Auto insurance how to choose. Here we are divided into three kinds of insurance, Will buy items, an option Is not recommended items.

First, the must-buy item

1, to pay compulsory insurance – the state compulsory purchase insurance

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, Is caused by a traffic accident victim (not including the vehicle and the insured persons) casualties road for personal vehicles insured by the insurance company, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. Traffic Insurance Is the first US state law imposed by the compulsory insurance system. It Is a unified national premium charges by the provIsions of national unity, but to pay high insurance prices of different Car models are different, the main factor Is the “Car seats.”

to pay high insurance claims paid

1.1, to pay high insurance responsibility to the compensation limit: death and dIsability compensation limit: 110,000 yuan; medical expenses compensation limit: 10,000 yuan; property loss: 2,000 yuan. 1.2, no liability to pay high insurance limits of liability; death and dIsability compensation limit: 11,000 yuan; compensation for medical expenses limit: 1000 yuan; property loss: 100 yuan.

2, liability insurance – insurance payout others

liability insurance full name of “Third Party Liability” , Is due to the insured property damage caused by negligence or personal injury to a third party, the insurance company for compensation for third party property or personal injury to a third party conduct the kind of insurance payments. Third party liability insurance for non-mandatory insurance. The main changes according to the amount of insurance premiums.

Because the road Is now more luxury Cars and accident-prone, three insurance Xiao Bian Is strongly recommended to buy. Economic aspects of the insured amount if there Is no problem, then recommend 100-200 million and economic tensions, then 500,000, then bad have to buy 200,000.

3, Is not deductible – that part of the responsibility to remove their own payment, the insurance company paid the full amount in the insured amount in various commercial insurance basIs.

refers to non-deductible insurance additional rIsk a commercial insurance (or Car damage liability insurance) a. As a non-deductible insurance additional rIsk, need to be insured “primary rIsk” Is insured preconditions may not be arranged separately, which generally refers to the insurance “by special agreement, after the accident, in a corresponding main insured insurance provIsions of the franchIse calculation shall be borne by the insured portion of the deductible amount, the insurance company Will be responsible for compensation within the limits of liability. ” In general, we covered thIs insurance, you can put 5% to 20% of the liability accrued responsible for their own insurance company and then passed on.

ThIs insurance Is additional insurance and cheap, all relatively small series Is recommended.

the next Issue take you to find the option to purchase insurance