A lot of car insurance, what does that buy? Traffic police tell you to buy those helpful

now the Car has become a common means of transport. In contemporary society, basically every household Will have an own Car. With private Car, usually travel Is also very convenient. Of course, after buying a Car, there are still many things to do. For example, to buy Car insurance, Car to do maintenance, to Carry out regular vehicle inspection.

anyway, after buying the Car really Is a busy enough for you. Today we’ll talk about the Issue to buy insurance for the Car now. Under normal circumstances, after the new owners to buy a Car. I Will buy an insurance policy for their Car. Then launched on the market now there are so many Auto insurance, in the end what the insurance to buy it? Owners still have some doubt. In today’s society, buy a Car for us, not what particularly difficult thing, many personnel are can afford to buy a Car.

Of course, a situation can not be avoided when the Car Is at the same time to buy a Car, those sales staff Will recommend a number of Cars for us Insurance. But under normal circumstances, these sales personnel are also more serious, like you do not buy their insurance, if a traffic accident, may have to ruin the same. They spoke very exaggerated, so to say Paul mIssing some people lIstening to thIs Will buy their insurance. They say a little exaggerated, but there are also some reason to follow. But the introduction of the insurance they have to buy all of it? If all buy it certainly Is very uneconomical. And it Is not practical, introduce them to how much how much the insurance you buy insurance really Is not realIstic.

then the face of so many Car insurance, what should we do buy the insurance? What should buy insurance Is and what Is not insured should buy it? According to an experienced traffic police for Car insurance to buy three kinds of insurance Is enough, other insurance are superfluous. Then we take a look at what these three insurance Is right. The first insurance Is third party liability insurance. At the earliest before, third-party liability insurance Is primary per vehicle after a Car have to pay insurance, subject to compulsory insurance. So, we can see that he Is still very important. Although he now becomes non-compulsory insurance from compulsory insurance before, but he was still very important. Some owners who do not have sex because heQualitative change to ignore it. In fact, as long as the accident happened, then, to spend money in the affirmative.

then the case of traffic accidents also are the owners of two cases as the responsible party, then you buy the Auto insurance. He Will play a significant role. According to relevant regulations, if. Accidents cause. Other deaths or injuries. ThIs insurance can compensate 90%. Because we all know that going to the hospital, then the money Is certainly indIspensable. So the Car Is a great need for third-party liability insurance. The second insurance Is insurance board staff. Which Is now kind of insurance most drivers slow out of the most easily overlooked. Specifically, thIs Insurance Is also very practical. Because in most cases, a long journey, or certainly not travel alone said to be out on my own, but. It Will bring a lot of friends and relatives. Well, thIs time it Is the need for a Car insurance personnel. Because if once had an accident, because, after all relatives and friends, so that may not directly open.

let you compensate, but my heart Will always be a bit uncomfortable. And thIs Is only the case for the kind of sensible people. So if some of the unreasonable one persIsts relatives and friends do? If they lose money directly to you, that would do a kinship break, so for both sides are not very good results. So if there Is a staff Car insurance, then the owners have to worry about thIs problem completely. The third Insurance non-deductible insurance. Many people Will find their own Cars to buy a lot of insurance, but in some places still can not be compensated. So in thIs case it Is a great need for a non-deductible insurance, because the insurance can put those where there Is no compensation to all covered.

However, when the contract Is also necessary to see the scope of compensation and the amount of compensation, be sure to clarify. Another insurance Is Car damage. In fact, the Insurance For those driving skills better drivers Is completely unused. But if some drivers are not satIsfied with their driving skills, do not worry, the proposal still need to buy a Car damage. Insurance at the time of the accident Is to be able to have a financial guarantee. In fact, buying insurance Is not necessarily to say non-buy so much. But it Is important we must deal with, according to the owner or other unimportantPersonal situation now.