5 kinds bought car insurance equal to the pits, watching to understand, the pit stop insurance company

For some Car people Car insurance should not be unfamiliar to you, it can be if you buy a Car, and almost certainly Will buy insurance, the insurance business Is now a huge number of friends buying a Car began to buy insurance , but many people do not know what in the end to buy a good buy insurance, the insurance company Is the result of a flicker, and consequently buy, but really an accident but does not necessarily give you responsible. So in the end what kind of insurance Is the most useless it? 5 kinds bought Car insurance equal to the pits, watching to understand, the pit stop Is the insurance companies

1, spontaneous combustion rIsk: You can say that over the pursuit of low prices and rough in the vehicle the quality of today, the spontaneous combustion Car accident has been more and more. In particular, the longer the year, the worse the easier maintenance of the vehicle caused by spontaneous combustion engines. But unfortunately, more than eight years of spontaneous combustion Car insurance Is not insurance, the insurance company Is not stupid.

2, pilfer, Is the only vehicle stolen to claim. If not the entire Car was stolen robbed, but some parts, such as your wheels, lights, mirrors, Car wallet phones what the insurance company Will not pay for all of you.

3, also known as rIsk wading “special engine damage insurance” which Is a loss of vehicle insurance additional insurance, not included in the scope of all rIsks. Note that, in addition to the engine, such as transmIssion losses, and other than the vehicle Is not in all wading rIsk category. If the Car stalled after wading, please do not attempt to restart. Once the forced reboot Will cause fatal damage to the engine, the insurance company for such cases Will not be paid, unless your home Is sick in low areas, or you have to Tangshui mind too. OtherwIse, do not have access to thIs insurance. However, it Is suggested that the novice or the flood of the city, after all, very cheap.

4, scratches insurance: insurance companies have set an upper limit for scratches insurance, the limit Is reached when the amount of the claim, the insurance contract Is Automatically terminated under normal circumstances, in addition usually the insurance company also has a limit of deductibles. 5, glass insurance – one junk insurance, glass insurance full name of the glass breakage alone, what Is alone and broken, that Is no problem with the rest of your Car, shattering glass only when thIs insurance Will work thIs time, some people say yes ah a lot of time on thIsOnly broken glass-like, in fact, as long as you put the policy to get a second-class repair shop, he can give you 100% manufactured with fake accident, so that the glass appears to be caused by impact, so that you can jointly and severally damaged parts and glass together replaced.

to pay compulsory insurance in the absence of injury, the loss was the third party payment up to $ 2000, a third party Is three, in your negative incidents under the premIse of responsibility that you and your party collIsion damage, whether human or telephone pole Car Is what stuff. In other words, you hit the wall hit the tree, you can not get a penny of. You hit someone else’s Car, who did not hurt, lose up to 2000, regardless of your Porsche, Ferrari, pineapple breast Jiedaxiali. As for the butt, did not pay 10,000 killed, killed up to look at the situation lose 110,000, it Is more enough. 5 kinds bought Car insurance equal to the pits, watching to understand, the pit stop Is the insurance companies