2020 buy car insurance, which has several

What kinds of Auto insurance buy a better arrangement? Owners purchase Car insurance, there Will be a lot of selectivity, because there are many factors affecting vehicle insurance. And insured vehicles are divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance are two, so at the time of purchase there Is no absolute match, when buying vehicle insurance are in accordance with their needs option to purchase (commercial insurance), but Xiao Bian recommended several insurance.

1, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance must be purchased, because pay high insurance Is the only country to make laws must pay because pay high insurance do not buy can not give vehicles examined. The annual review does not pass, the vehicle can not be driven on the road, you can not buy a Car to put it home when the furnIshings.

2, third party liability insurance

Although the third party liability and pay high insurance, are for a form of reparation of victims, in the final analysIs Is a supplement to pay high insurance and extended. Because pay high insurance compensation amount Is not very high, so the use of third party liability insurance as a supplement, so for the owners concerned, but also a better choice.

and third party liability insurance lines 500,000, 1,000,000, 1,500,000, 2,000,000, such as different amount, so for a limited compensation to pay high insurance costs, it Is more The conservativeness. Because now, if an accident, medical expenses enough to light a lot of people find it difficult to accept, so the third party liability insurance should recommend.

3, caustic danger

caustic danger to themselves a kind of compensation for the loss of vehicles, Car damage purchase price of the Car insurance premiums and number of seats have a great relationship. While no one wants to spend a very high cost to pay money to the vehicle, but can be considered as a last resort, we can not pre-judgment. And in other words the higher the prices, the higher the premium.

4, non-deductible

non-deductible insurance Is a supplementary insurance, commercial insurance Is also a recent in a kind of insurance that appears. However, non-deductible insurance value for money, because the owners can not deductible insuranceRIsk-taking are all summed up to the insurance company, the relative cost and how high did not, so I do not deductible insurance Is recommended.

and under the terms of the insurance contract provIsions, insurance companies have certain deductible items franchIse, generally 5% to 20%. If you want to get the full amount you need to buy non-deductible insurance.

In summary, recommended for the above three commercial insurance, plus a pay high insurance for a total of four. In other words, the purchase of any vehicle insurance, then, can these four insurance-based, then the binding of their own vehicle to buy other commercial insurance.

Although vehicle insurance costs mainly in the type of insurance purchased vehicle mainly because the more types of insurance purchased, it Will eventually affect the growth of insurance premiums. But how much insurance costs to the insurance reform, with the attendance of insurance and dangerous condition Is also directly linked to changes.

for example, the vehicle Is not dangerous condition of the previous year, you can enjoy 30% dIscount on the renewal, and the inclusion of high-quality customer lIsts, enjoy some Auto insurance price. And the upper vehicle occurs 1-2 times a year indemnity insurance premiums according to reference (if the loss ratio Is less than 80% and the driver agreed, still 30% dIscount).

In particular vehicle has been purchased vehicle insurance, the insurance premium at the time of renewal Will be proportional to the number of dangerous condition, which means that the higher the number of dangerous condition, the premium higher. For example, a vehicle occur three times a year on indemnity, Auto insurance rates go up 10% of the reference premium basIs. Vehicle

occurs four times a year on indemnity insurance rates go up 20% on the basIs of the reference premium. Vehicle occur 5-7 times more than the previous year’s compensation, Auto insurance rates go up 30% on the basIs of the reference premium, more than eight times Will be refused insurance.

Although the rules are clear, but when Will the province Will need to be omitted. And the best way to save money Is to follow the rules, especially in the insurance rules, as well as compliance with traffic laws. So the best way to save money Is to the owner to comply with traffic regulations, or try not to defy the law.