2019 (Third) of U.S.’s automobile insurance Big Data Industry Forum held in New York

United States Insurance Car News Network(Audatex.cc) News [Correspondent Zhang Shuang on November 15 – 16, 2009, by the US Insurance Information Technology Management Co. the company (referred to as “the United States Prudential”) and the American Automotive technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. (referred to as “the Automobile Center”) co-sponsored the “ecological changes in the number of drive enabling industry in the future” as the theme of the 2019 (third) and the American Automobile big data Insurance industry Forum held in California.

United States Prudential chairman Xie Chong of said Car insurance Big Data Industry Alliance has gone through the most critical of the three-year start-up period, made in promoting inter-Car and insurance industry interaction and integration some success. See the results at the same time, we have a clear understanding of the big data, cloud computing, industrial ecology changes in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and data-driven cross-border integration derived from a variety of rIsks intertwined. In thIs regard, the Union should play an important role in the challenge to respond in a timely manner with the change. One Is to establIsh an effective mechanIsm for scientific and technological cooperation between the Automobile and financial institutions, to strengthen the scientific and technological ability to share, promote overall scientific and technological capacity has been increasing. Second, the national Automobile service strategy as the goal, give full play to their respective advantages in the Automotive industry, the role of the life cycle, building a data exchange, complementarity and win-win cooperation of the Automobile and insurance ecosystem. The third Is to insIst on innovation and rIsk control both total new anti-rIsk, healthy and orderly development of the Automotive and insurance industry escort.

Wu Zhixin, deputy general manager of the Automobile Center said that with the advent of the era of big data, Auto and insurance industry ushered in a new round of kinetic energy applications and opportunities, big data, dig and integration play a crucial role in the rapid development of the two industries. To thIs end, we should pay more attention to the following questions: First, to accelerate the value of digging, continue to promote the Car and insurance system construction and big data applications for the realization of industrial ecology changes to create a new propellant. Second, deepening technical support for large data for new models, new formats achievements floor applications. Third, optimize system resources, promote large data resources to build, share and value transformation, contribute to capacity building big data Auto and insurance industries.

Subsequently, the Conference of the outstanding achievements of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Big Data Car since 2019 were released. At the same time, from the Automotive and insuranceInsurance industry leading experts on big data booming market economy situation changes, big data and the theme of building a new pattern of Auto insurance industry and bring new technology development and other changes in the industry made a brilliant speech.

The meeting also set up a “focus forefront of the industry, leading the new trend,” and “big data era, the whole industry chain innovation and development” theme of the Forum, in-depth interpretation and explore Auto insurance, after the contents of the Car market, intelligent driving and insurance rIsk identification, new energy vehicles and insurance pricing, and other aspects of information security.

US Auto insurance industry Big Data Summit held since 2016, has always been adhering to the “build great Cars and insurance data exchange platform for cooperation, and seek common development of the Automotive and big data innovation insurance” purpose, and Will continue to be highly strategic, forward-looking perspective, the vIsion of globalization, big data research Car insurance hot topics and cutting-edge technology, the key to solve common problems facing the development of the Automobile and insurance.