2019 Third car insurance business change Is coming, you have the welfare of the majority of owners coming!

2019 Business @ Zheng fare change its number one hundred

The third commercial Auto insurance Auto insurance reform, the Insurance Association convener of security, peace, life, the Pacific, U.S. joint, earth, sun, peace, security Sheng Tianping, Hyder, Tian and other property insurance company executives held a forum to explain in detail the importance of the third fee reform!

To achieve liberalization of the Auto insurance market, the self-interests of the majority of owners who belong to cross-market, cross to the owner! Prohibit vicious competition, rebates, rebates and other price war; Auto insurance reform Is to prompt the majority of owners to comply with traffic rules, rIsk awareness and reduce the accident rate.

Auto insurance reform Auto insurance rates Will be adjusted, not the dangerous condition of the owners Will be getting lower and lower prices, increasing the price of escape from danger!

@ Zheng its number one hundred

Third reform rate

@ Zheng its number one hundred

Sichuan Will implement the dual 65, the minimum dIscount 2.5 fold; Shanxi double 7, the minimum dIscount 2.9 fold; Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Xinjiang have implemented dual-7 minimum 2.9 fold; where the lowest Xiamen 1.9 fold!

does not escape from danger in Sichuan a year from new Cars 9.5%, direct reduced 3.9 fold, 3.3 fold two years does not escape from danger, three years without Chuxian 2.5 fold! Welfare belong to the majority of owners, owners also need support!