2019 introduced the latest car insurance: car insurance What? These points race car to know!

Finance 365: 2019 describes the latest Car insurance, small series together and we understand today what Is Auto insurance?

First, the motor vehicle insurance

Motor vehicle insurance i.e. Car insurance (the insurance), Is It refers liable for personal injury or property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance.

motor vehicle insurance that Is “Auto insurance”, based on the motor vehicle itself and third party liability insurance subject of a means of transportation insurance.

their insurance customers, primarily with a variety of corporate and personal motor vehicles; its subject matter insured, mainly various types of vehicles, but also including trams, Car batteries and other special vehicles and motorcycles.

Second, the main classification

1, Motor Insurance

motor vehicle insurance Is Car , trams, Car batteries, motorcycles, tractors and other motor vehicle as the subject matter insured insurance. Motor vehicle insurance to pay high insurance and business can be divided into two major categories of insurance, and business insurance and can be divided into specific basic insurance (also known as primary insurance) and additional insurance in two parts.

motor vehicle insurance in the 19th century, motor vehicle insurance policy Issued by the world’s oldest, was in 1895 by the BritIsh “legal accident insurance company” Issued by insurance to £ 10 £ 100 motor third party liability insurance policy, but the Car can be added to fire insurance premiums increase under conditions.

2, motor insurance

Motor vehicle insurance generally include strong insurance and commercial insurance, commercial insurance including basic insurance and additional insurance two parts. The basic insurance Is divided into loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer (pilfer), board officers liability insurance (liability insurance driver and passenger liability insurance)

Additional rIsks including glass breakage alone, scratches insurance, spontaneous loss of insurance, insurance wading, fault liability insurance, CarLiability insurance of goods falling, stopped vehicle damage insurance, loss insurance new equipment, special non-deductible insurance. After rIsk of glass breakage alone, spontaneous loss of insurance, the newly added device damage insurance, insurance loss Is the additional rIsk of the vehicle body, must be insured loss of vehicle insurance to insure these additional rIsks. Vehicle liability insurance, no-fault liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance of goods falling, additional insurance Is third party liability insurance must be insured after third party liability insurance to insure these additional rIsks; rIsks do not count each It Is an independent insurance deductible.

3, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance full name [traffic accident liability compulsory insurance] United States first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system.

“compulsory traffic accident liability insurance regulations” [hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”] states: pay high insurance Is the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle road traffic accidents caused by the victim [not thIs includes personnel and vehicle insured] of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance.

the following six cases to pay high insurance can apply for surrender: the insured motor vehicle Is written off legally regIstered; the insured vehicle’s handling suspended; the insured motor vehicle Is confirmed by the public security organs lost; insured overlapping insurance to pay high insurance; the insured vehicle Is sold, transferred, donated to the outside Car membership seat; a new Car because of quality problems were recovered dealer or because of related technical parameters do not meet state regulations traffic control department Will not last households.

Commercial Insurance

1, loss of vehicle insurance: motor vehicle insurance, loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance constitutes its trunk insurance, and in a number of additional rIsk cooperate together to provide customers with a wide range of insurance rIsk protection services.

loss of vehicle insurance subject-matter of a variety of motor vehicle body parts and components, equipment and the like. When the insured vehicle Is subjected to the scope of liability insurance of natural dIsasters or accidents, resulting in loss of vehicle insurance itself, the insurer shall pay compensation in accordance with the insurance contract.

2, third party liability insurance

motor vehicle third party liability insurance, underwriting the insured person or allow the driver qualified in the use of the insured vehicle, third party damage due to an accident caused by a dangerous kind of insurance claims. Since the main purpose of third party liability insurance Is to maintain security and public interest, therefore, usually as statutory insurance and enforced in practice.

3, Rider

additional rIsk of a motor vehicle Is an important part of the motor vehicle insurance. From the current US motor vehicle insurance policy perspective, there are additional theft insurance, additional spontaneous loss of insurance, the additional wading loss insurance, additional new equipment to increase loss insurance, additional non-deductible special insurance, additional driver accident insurance, additional specified specializing in insurance and other insurance customers can choose additional insurance according to their needs.

4, pilfer

pilfer liable for the insured vehicle due to theft, robbed, robbed result in total loss of the vehicle, and during the Car because the vehicle Is damaged or parts, ancillary equipment loss caused by the loss, but not intentional damage. The insurers have not!

Fourth, the staff Car

ThIs we all know, Is to protect the people in the Car accident injuries and deaths, it can not be said, and not be of much 20,000, mostly accidental injury, medical expenses after insurance Is injured, can freely before Paul, Paul Will do a few, and now to die, or only the driver’s insurance, either full insurance, the price Is very cheap, driver Paul 20000, only less than 80 dollars.

Fifth, the rIsk of scratches scratches insurance

i.e. scratches insurance vehicle, which belongs to an additional rIsk, mainly as supplementary caustic danger, the cause of the accident can cause the body scratches to provide effective protection. Scratches insurance for a body paint scratches, if obvious traces of collIsion, draw a cut, there Is a large pits, scratches that do not belong, belong to the scope of claims of caustic danger.

VI, glass breakage alone

single glassAlone and broken danger, that the insurance company liable to be a commercial insurance or Auto insurance during use, the vehicle itself alone and broken glass from the loss. The owner must pay attention to “separate” the word refers to the case of the insurance company only insured the vehicle windshield and window glass (not including lamps, mirrors glass) appears damaged before they can be compensated. If the owners want to know how much glass breakage alone, the price can be calculated through the following Auto insurance calculator, you can also take thIs opportunity to compare which of the insurance company Auto insurance more affordable and thus more help owners choose the most suitable the insurance company insured.

Seven, the rIsk of spontaneous combustion spontaneous combustion rIsk

or “spontaneous loss of vehicle insurance,” Is a caustic danger additional rIsk, and only after the Car damage insurance can insure spontaneous combustion rIsk. During the period of insurance, insurance of vehicles in use, due to the occurrence of the self-Car circuit, line, oil, fuel system, goods Issue, operation of a motor vehicle friction fire caused the fire, resulting in losses of insured vehicles, as well as the insured person when the insured rIsk occurs, the insured vehicle in order to reduce losses and expenses must be reasonable rescue costs, the insurance company Will appropriate compensation.

Eight, designated Major plant

that Is usually what we call the 4S shop, Paul Will hurt thIs high price case: a Poussin 280 headlight buy, sell aftermarket 4S 80, then the insurance 4S shop, certainly given the 280. If you do not protect it? 180 Will be given both a compromIse, but make sure you can fix the Car, the reason Is very simple. Or a good Car insurance on it.

Nine, non-deductible

Insurance companies are not being taken advantage of, ah, how much you lose much lose, your responsibility full commitment not guaranteed not deductible, then you lose the dangerous condition of the insurance companies bear only 80% of the responsibility for the damage that Is 1,000 yuan, only to lose $ 800, 20% of the responsibility themselves, so it Is still on the retention of good. Well, insurance finIshed, talk to us talk about how the most appropriate insurance.

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