2019 auto insurance generally buy what kinds and how to buy auto insurance Is the most cost-effective?

Hello, everyone, I am a Car, and said that the Car thing, I was concerned to learn more about buying a Car Car skills.

boss was asked in 2019 to buy Auto insurance in general, which has several? How Auto insurance buy the most cost-effective? I was in the 4S shop to work, for the Car and the Car also know some of the surrounding. Now what kind of private Cars to buy insurance Is the most cost-effective, in my opinion Is the most cost-effective: Traffic Insurance, caustic danger Is not deductible, third party liability insurance. But in the end what to buy insurance or buy according to your needs, just buy these types of insurance Is the most cost-effective.

to pay high insurance: ThIs Is certainly buy, thIs does not buy it, it Is not the annual inspection on the road.

Car damage: ThIs Is the amount paid their own vehicle, that Is escape from danger when their own vehicle Is able to repair their own Car, do not buy it, then you need to pay yourself maintenance. Are you a new Car novice, I just suggest that you need to buy, the price Is set according to the vehicle price.

Is not deductible: ThIs insurance Is a must buy, do not buy it, even if the insurance company, you also need to pay a certain percentage, but bought thIs insurance without having to pay a cents.

third party liability insurance: ThIs Is a third party paid people and things , that Is paid to each other, I was recommended to buy 500,000, if economic conditions permit, I suggest that you buy a million.

In conclusion I suggest that you buy several types of insurance: to pay high insurance, caustic danger, Is not deductible, third party liability insurance, which Is cost-effective. But in the end, or what to buy according to their need to buy.

I was selling Cars 4S shop, my friends can follow me, OneSince a common understanding of Automotive knowledge, explore each other.