2019, about car insurance, you need to know the new rules of five!

basically on January 1 of each year, traffic management departments Will have some new policies introduced in January 1, 2019 on the introduction of the rules governing the acquIsition sharp. In addition to thIs policy, the Car insurance which also added some new regulations, Car insurance Is a process of keeping a Car project in comparIson to spend money, so we still need to look at these rules and regulations, certain adjustments do It Is in favor of the owners, but if operating properly, may make their own insurance Is becoming increasingly high.

Is first produced premium rate change, simply put, Is the first Car the amount of insurance contribution, if it Is 4,000 yuan, so after the first claims, the second time required to pay the amount of insurance Will gradually become larger, and to the fifth time, that Is, direct doubled to 8,000, but also for the 8,000 cap treatment, that Is no longer add up. So if just a few hundred dollars can solve small problems, then try not to let the insurance company claims, or it may make more of their own to pay higher premiums.

The second Is that a large scope of insurance claims. I believe that for many owners, a provIsion Is very advantageous, because the scope of insurance claims in thIs matter, there have been a lot of people are frustrated. In many insurance companies prior to thIs, they are no claims for a variety of projects of natural dIsasters, such as typhoons under heavy rain, hail, etc. natural dIsasters, they have no claims projects. But thIs time, after the adjustment of the scope of claims, which can be found inside the Car damage, so thIs time of adjustment may be more favorable to everyone, that Is, the larger the scope of the claims.

Third Is Subrogation. Simply put, when he became injured party when the other party if the insured amount of compensation Is not enough, then we can ask your insurance company to Xianxingpeifu, after specific recourse by the insurance company to insurance company, which Is not necessary to trouble himself busy running thIs thingAfter thIs rule occurs, for many people Is very useful, do not damage related matters and wait for the results of one of the specific compensation.

Article IV Is the price of vehicle insurance costs and are not directly related. In other words, the same price of the Car, when they buy insurance, Will not necessarily have the same premium, thIs traditional premium calculation there Is a difference.

Article possibility for many people Is the most important, Is to pay a higher premium, but the resulting compensation Is very low, thIs situation Is no longer produce. Now that done for a very comprehensive Car insurance, every step has been improved, so it Will not low pay high insurance appears, thIs Is what we buy a Car insurance Is an important reason, if we spend the money on the insurance we are far beyond the amount of compensation, then we have what Is necessary to buy the insurance too!