18 years to buy a car these five new car insurance regulations you need to know

Car insurance cost of keeping a Car as the Car in a “big”, generally accounting more than 20 percent of the cost of the Car, not only that, a Car insurance also relates to your property, to avoid rIsks and other Issues, it Is generally the owners attention to changes in Automobile insurance policies are high. So in the new year, Car insurance Will introduce those new rules, compared with the previous provIsions which have different it? Next we take a look together.

premium rates are subject to change

thIs year, insurance with a certain degree of floating rates compared to before, including: a dangerous condition Is not dIscounted, twice, three times, four times dangerous condition of the insurance premium go up 25%, 50% and 75%, respectively, to the dangerous condition of the fifth when premiums doubled. Escape from danger Is not the appropriate policy: maintaining a 15% year fight to maintain the play Qizhe two years, three years to maintain the 40% dIscount.

make a simple analogy: Suppose a new Car insurance contribution amount Is 5,000 yuan, if the dangerous condition of the second year it Will become 6250 yuan twice, three times it becomes dangerous condition 7,500 yuan, double the cap until the fifth. So the owners of friends if they frequently escape from danger, then the insurance company Will not only give you a premium dIscount, but also the more income, the more here suggest that owners of friends, a few hundred pieces to solve the small problems do not try to escape from danger, or else the expense of your own.

claims a wider range

For the scope of insurance claims it has already been too many people Tucao, ThIs does not pay, that does not lose, not lose in thIs case, that case Is not lost, the scope of the various claims and even make you wonder sense to pay insurance. After the new regulations scope of insurance claims finally to the expansion of the original do not pay typhoon, tropical storm, snow, dust storms, hail and other natural dIsasters, losses are now included a caustic danger in, and many types of insurance were also deleted the liability exemption agreement .

increase “subrogation” right

aimed solely responsible for the party because the insurance amount Is not enough or unable to compensate when the injured party may request their insurance company Xianxingpeifu, then in charge of the insurance company to recover the other side. Do not tangle compensation-related matters, leading to all kinds of unnecessary trouble late to solve the case of insurance claims now often appear not in place. On the other hand thIs also highlights the requirements for the lifting of the related insurance coverage, such as liability insurance and so on.

Is not necessarily the same as the price premium vehicle

Traditional insurance billing formula Is 🙁 prices rates based premiums + X) X adjustment coefficient. Such calculated results are all the same price models in the trial, which Is the same price with the so-called fee. And after the new regulations changed the way the insurance billing, the use of pure rIsk premium benchmark / (1-X additional tariff rate adjustment factor) in thIs more scientific formula for calculating charges, according to thIs vehicle depreciation, zero-stoichiometric Insurance of multiple factors given charge amount Is more reasonable, but also to solve the same 200,000 BMW and Volkswagen’s premium embarrassing one a 200,000.

“high-low pay Paul” no longer

Since the premiums charged have been perfect, it has been due to be charged by the Car insurance premium, the real but it Is paid in accordance with the depreciation of the price when the guarantee “high security low pay” phenomenon Is also announced an end.