10 most common and most comprehensive car insurance Raiders! What to buy and what not to buy, thIs idea in mind

a variety of Car insurance, the following ten common for everyone to accept the insurance, take a look at what must be purchased, and which have not recommended to buy, look at it.

to pay high insurance

Needless to say, thIs insurance was supposed to want Cars on the road would have to buy thIs insurance. Formally implemented from 2006 to 2007 have generally adopted. ThIs insurance Is mandatory for the State to pay, if you do not pay to pay high insurance, you can not drive on the road, so that thIs matter must buy insurance, do not select choices.

Car damage

Car damage also our Car insurance in a most major insurance, although It Is not compulsory purchase, but the use Is very large. We caustic danger Is caused by damage to the vehicle, the insurance company Will Will give us compensation within a reasonable range of Car accidents when. The importance of thIs insurance Is self-evident.

three insurance

third party liability insurance business, when we crashed to the people, insurance the company Will help us to give the other party for compensation, the insurance does not buy, once an accident Is likely to bear the huge compensation.

and passengers rIsk

There are many drivers and passengers insurance Will not buy such insurance Is time for us in a Car accident, If the people in the Car were injured, the insurance company Will pay compensation, are very good insurance.

spontaneous combustion rIsk

spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not very recommendable, although the Car has a rIsk of spontaneous combustion, but the probability small. So it Is not recommended.


daoqiangxian in the moment Is not very worth buying, when our Car stolen can be compensated. But now a few people Will Car theft.

glass insurance

glass insurance it’s not really worth buying a kind of insurance, such insurance Is called the broken individually insured, that Is to say our Car broken glass alone time Will give compensation, but thIs situation Is difficult to see. And general Automotive glass price Is not expensive, it Is not worth buying.

scratches rIsk

Car Insurance scratches seem proved very useful, but we need to know after the Car was cut rub can go directly Car damage insurance, so that there Is no need to buy.

engine wading Insurance

In fact, thIs kind of insurance and spontaneous combustion rIsk Is the same, as long as we drive Carefully general problem Will not occur, so that the usefulness of thIs insurance Is not great.

non-deductible insurance

such insurance Is to prevent owners of our reckless driving rattling, feel that they have on the insurance you can do whatever franchIse designed, our owners have to bear some losses. ThIs insurance Is a must buy, as long as you buy the insurance front.

over these ten basic Car insurance we all know, you buy what?