10 minutes to teach you better car fuses

often have owners with a Car cigarette lighter was found dead, the interior lights or bad contacts and so on, in fact, thIs may be the fuse broken. Now more and more electrical equipment inside the Car, the probability of failure increases. Fortunately, each electric circuit device are provided to ensure the safety fuse. Probability like headlights, heated rear window, cigarette lighter power failure and other large equipment Will be higher. If it Is determined that a fuse problem, simply read the following tutorial, I believe you can get 10 minutes.

where fuse

The more Automotive electrical equipment, requires the more fuses, now senior in the engine compartment of the vehicle, the vehicle body Is provided inside the integrated multiple power module, commonly known as the fuse box. Some Cars in a very secluded location set the fuse box, even if the Car Is difficult to find people who are very familiar with. ThIs Is because the design of large differences in different models, so these components Will be placed in the fuse box as a variety of places, so the only way Is to look at the fuse box to find efficient vehicle specification.

Is at or above the fuse box common position, Will not enumerate here, the specific location of each vehicle’s fuse box vary, but the same brand It Will be designed in a similar position, or to the specific circumstances prevail in the specification.

How to replace the fuse

Some models Will be in the insurance box with several different current rating of the fuse used as an emergency backup in place, but a search of the description and check the fuse box did not find the spare fuse, which in turn how to do?

with a rated current of the wiper motor 20A fuse Is blown example. If the fuse instead of 25A, once the circuit current exceeds 20A, the fuse Is not blown, but the result Is due to the current exceeds the rated current of the motor, wiper motor Is burned, can lead to serious Car spontaneous combustion. If the fuse instead of 15A, the wiper motor may not yet reached the rated current, the fuse was blown.

ThIs approach Is a vehicle repair shop can not be reached immediately set does not workPreparation of the case and the urgent need of temporary emergency, if it Is recommended to facilitate the repair of the direct replacement of the blown fuse.

want to replace the fuse, it also requires that you Carefully read the Car manual, as many high-power electrical equipment using frequency Is too high, so the blown fuse Is also normal, so the proper use of these High power devices can reduce unnecessary trouble.