You teach older drivers, vehicle maintenance and four coup, so the more you open more dynamic

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Car prevalent in people’s lives, almost every family has at least one Car, that the Car Is moving process Will inevitably cause some Car parts wear. Car maintenance Is very necessary, because regular Car maintenance, it can improve vehicle safety, but also can extend the life of the Car, here we come to learn about Car maintenance four coup.

The first Is cleaning the interior, the Car a long time in a closed state, the closed environment conducive to growth and reproduction of bacteria inside the Car. ThIs time we have to do Is to keep the cab clean, the easiest way Is to find a well-ventilated place. Then all four doors of the Car open, and air, so that you can flush out the moIsture inside the vehicle, in addition to floor mats, seat covers also have to be removed for cleaning, cleaning agent Is best to choose a good point If too much trouble, you can go directly to the Car beauty shop for a thorough big cleaning.

The second Is to clean air conditioning systems, air conditioning Is also very important, especially in winter or summer, they can not do without air conditioning, so in order to improve life of air conditioning, to develop a good habit, that Is air-conditioned Car on a regular basIs to check the purpose of doing so Is to use air conditioning when it was dIscovered that air conditioning can not be used, small advice, every time when the season changed Will conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning, when there Is the use of air conditioning Is to pay attention to some cases.

For example, when use of air conditioning, do not adjust the temperature too high in winter or summer, when the temperature Is very low tone, because the temperature too high, or the temperature Is too low, would have been affected are the life of air conditioning. Another point to note Is that one-time use of air conditioning time not too long, because it Will also affect the service life of air conditioning. When ready to stop there, we must cultivate the habit of first off and then turn off the air conditioning. The only way to protect the good air conditioning.

The third point we want to say Is to check Car coolant, in the summer, the evaporation rate of the coolant Is very fast, training regularly check the coolant, it Is necessary, if he found the Car coolant, very little time, must be timely supplemental cooling fluid, but we must remember that the supplemental coolant must be a brand, do not use other brands or water instead.

The fourth point Is to check the tires, Car tire change on the season to have a certain flexibility, usually Cars on the road, it Is inevitable Car there Will tire tread wear, so be sure to develop the habit of regularly checking tire, tire gap impurities are processed, so that it can delay the life of the tire. As the temperature difference between winter and summer Is great, so be sure to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the Car at thIs time, to prevent damage to Car parts appear. Thank you readers who read and watch, thank you for your support!

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