You should do your own seven kinds of car care type

vehicle maintenance can be both expensive and time consuming. However, you can do something at home to save time, money and frustration.

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to perform routine maintenance on the Car Is the most important thing you can do to ensure that the Car continued to arrive from point A to point B in the next few years, without the need for ongoing overhaul.

Of course, the repair Is inevitable, some repairs Will require professional help. But some things can and should do to save yourself time and money.

Check level

Time: 5-10 minutes each under the hood, or at least monthly check once the level Is wIse. Most of the time, you’ll be fine, but that does not mean you should stop checking. ThIs Is your own can easily complete the most important preventive maintenance tasks.

Once a month, the level should be checked for the following: the brake fluid, engine oil, transmIssion fluid and power steering fluid. Engine coolant should be checked every six months. Further, when the hood Is also possible to check the windshield washer fluid.

If one Is low, you can easily fill it, and you Will know whether the fluid Is a complete replacement of the time, or whether there Is a bigger problem such leakage.

check tire pressure

Time: 2-3 min

close attention to tire pressure Is also sensible precautions. Properly inflated tires can increase the life of the tire, it can also increase vehicle performance. Too much air can cause the tire during running stiff, resilient, and the wheelTire Center Will be faster wear. Too little pressure and too many tires Will pay close attention to the ground, which makes them wear along the outer edge of the tire more quickly.

You can find the recommended tire pressure in the user manual, or commonly found in the driver’s side door post. According to the rated pressure of the tire pressure Is not usually recommended maximum tire pressure, thIs Is not for different vehicles.

If you do not have a tire pressure gauge, pump gas station so sometimes the built-in pressure gauge. Some vehicles also provides digital dashboard tire pressure readings. Just make sure to check the pressure when the tire Is in the coldest state – rather than running after a few miles.

If you need air, you can usually dollar spent on gas station air pump. If desired release air in a tire with a pressure gauge using the release trigger, or flat-head screwdriver in the middle of the pressing pin valve stem. The gradual release of air, and check the pressure.

replace wiper

Time: 5 minutes One of the easiest things you can do Is to replace the Car wiper blades.

rubber Will decompose over time, which may be due to excessive scraping ice and snow or hot summer caused. Wiper replacement Is recommended once or twice a year, depending on the circumstances of extreme weather.

Replace the wiper brand to brand, and different, but they all have a simple fastening means, with a sliding or press the button to release the lock. Ensure that the blade buy the correct length for your Car – Some leaves need two different sizes, or it may require rear wiper. And do not let the spring-loaded arm sm hit back on the windshield (as well as I did a few months ago), because it Will break or scratch the windshield, so that the original fast and inexpensive maintenance changed to costly repairs.

replace the air filter

time: 2 minutes Therefore, you Car in for repair, and every time maintenance technicians Will tell you need to replace emptyAir cleaner, and all thIs without fail. The probability Is not wrong.

As the name implies, the air filter can filter dust and debrIs, from it enters through an intake system. It Is important to regularly change (change every 15,000 miles or once per year), in order to prevent serious damage to the engine intake system and remain effective.

like a home air filter Will seriously affect the performance of the air conditioning device, like the old air filter Will block air circulation, which reduces the Car’s performance. But that does not mean you have to pay to change it for you. And buy yourself a replacement. It only requires you to spend a few minutes and cost you only about $ (7.78 pounds or AUD $ 13.55) 10.

To replace the air filter, see the position of the hood of a Car, and then locate the air filter Cartridge. Looking clips or latches to open the box, removing the old air filter, then replace the air filter.

Replace the spark plug

Time: 30 to 1 minutes

the spark plug Is essential for the normal operation of an Automobile engine. Igniting the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber, whereby the pIston Is pushed down, thereby rotating the crankshaft. We have on your Car to work with several pIston to completely turn the crank. Timing Is essential, not even a spark plug or ignition does not work Will greatly affect the Car’s performance, such as loss of power, poor acceleration, fire, and even affect the ability to start the engine.

Replace the spark plug than checking the oil or replace the air filter Is much more complex, but still can be done easily at home.

In most cases, require a plug for each cylinder, but some vehicles requires two plugs per cylinder. Please consult your owner’s manual for the correct number and type of plug. Also, please note that the clearance required. (You might want to pick up a gap in the tool shop, as thIs may accidentally during transport, shouldMeasured and corrected before installation. )

To replace the spark plug, let the temperature of the coolant of the engine. Then, gently dIsconnect the wire from the spark plug, a spark plug replacement time. A spark plug socket wrench to remove the old torque and spark plug. And install a new measurement gap spark plugs. (Some people prefer to use a lubricant in a release on the new spark plug, but thIs Is not necessary, some of the spark plug manufacturers recommend

not to use it.) Reconnect the dust cover, and repeat each spark plug the process.

Replace the blown fuse

Time: 2 minutes

If the electronic device randomly stops working on Automobiles, for example lights, power window or a stereo, it Is likely that the fuse has blown. Repair a blown fuse Is one of the easiest to repair your own can be performed.

has a

Most modern Automotive fuse two panels, usually located below the wheel set, the other group positioned below the hood.

you can usually be vIsually inspected to find the blown fuse. Looking appear slightly melted fuse, or checking the inside of the U-shaped line. If the wires are separated, the fuse Is blown. You may need to check the fuse wire to pull. The good News Is, if you know where to stop working, and you can refer to the fuse panel cover of the inner cover and user manual, narrow your search immediately. Many fuse box Is also equipped with a fuse remove the key, but with needle-nose pliers can also solve the problem.

You can spend a few dollars to buy a variety of fuse from the Auto parts store. Just make sure you can get the size and type for your Car. Many newer Cars use a shorter style fuse, while the older style that fuses and fuse wire longer incompatible. After

found a blown fuse, and to remove it with the same current rating of fuse replacement.

install new headlights and taillights

Time: 10-30 minBell

burned-out headlight or taillight may cause you to fall over and ticket equipment failure.

Fortunately, in most cases, very easy to replace the headlight, and do not require any tools. Pop up hood, removed from the rear of the headlight power connector, remove the dust cover, and remove the lamp clip in place (if a clip). Seize the lamp bulb and gently pull it until it becomes loose. Remove the old lamp, a new lamp Is inserted, and then reinsert the lamp socket housing (which may require re-twIsting to the lamp in place). Reinstalling the dust cover and reconnect the power.

turn on the light from the Car, and then check to make sure the new working headlight.

Replace the burned tail lights are actually the same process, but may be operated by an Automobile trunk or rear hatch.