You not only have to learn to open, the proper way to car maintenance but also learn!

Car repair and maintenance Is a matter of concern to each of the owners. Which parts of the Car should maintain a daily basIs, which Is a vehicle maintenance and maintenance project of mIsunderstanding? Many owners believe that the state of the vehicle after the repair Will be more stable, but the result Is repair the wrong way, causing vehicle damage, loss outweigh the benefits. Today, small editors Will tell you what Is wrong maintenance methods.

maintenance work too hard, especially for some new Car owners. Because of the lack of clear understanding of maintenance, there Is a problem of excessive maintenance. Many people often replace the oil filter. The mean interval between each change of only 2300 kilometers. From a professional standpoint, the high frequency of maintenance can improve the operating efficiency and the individual components. On the contrary, it Will lead to waste a lot of money, thIs Is completely unnecessary.

frequent washing, painting, beauty. Many Car owners can not accept their own trace “dirty.” They can be a dirty Car wash. However, due to the low cleaning agents goods, Car wash damage painted surfaces for indoor use, leading to premature aging of the paint. Some owners also induced in the business, and other Automotive beauty waxing choose to do other projects. Coatings such as waxing and maintenance project has a cycle. If regular waxing and coating high frequency, it may damage Car paint.

Maintenance of the tire. Tire Is part of the Car in direct contact with the ground, easy to wear. Some owners Will choose or be induced choose to do tire repair. In fact, the so-called tire maintenance Is only to clean tires, tire wax coated, in addition to look good no effect. Automobile tires are usually worn to the limit position (away from the grooves approximately 6mm, middle tread wear marks), or can be replaced when the mileage of 50,000 km. Take good Care Is of no use.

Table lights oil before refueling. Owners usually see flashing warning lamp when we come to think of oiling. ThIs Is not a good habit, because the pump continues to run, the temperature Is relatively high. When the oil pump can effectively reduce the temperature. However, the point when the lamp start flashing, indicating that the oil level has fallen below the position of oil pump. If the lamp has been lit before refueling, pump temperature Will be highEven after refueling, it Will not quickly reduce the temperature of the oil pump, which would damage the pump. Briefly, in everyday driving, the fuel gauge when there Is a pointer to scale, preferably early fueling.

In fact, each vehicle maintenance to maintain different manner. But each Car has a manual detailing how to maintain and repair vehicles. As long as you take the time to look, and maintenance and repair in accordance with the instructions, your Car Bang Bang.