You have to know the car care knowledge and skills

economic development, the Car Is very common, no longer belongs to the city, but throughout every corner of the township where not surprIsed, because economic development, but also improve the quality of life of everyone , so the Car but we only means of transport. Because a lot of Cars, so that maintenance shops, repair shops, more and more, and maintenance of each project are also a certain price, people Will increase the economic pressure. So basic maintenance knowledge and skills but also saves us some extra expenses. With proper Care but also to their personal safety brought more protection. Today we learn together but we ignore what Is vital Car parts.

brakes. Brake pads Is an important part of the Car, it Is also about whether our security Is threatened. So when you go out you can check your brake pads are secure, many people are confirmed its life by the sound of it, but everyone knows, Will lead to loose a lot of accidents. So when you want to walk far, more attention to himself than before whether the dIstance Is longer brake or brake pad wear, be sure to go to the next repair shop to check, because worn brake pads can be used, perhaps without any warning, but increase the probability of an accident. So take preventive measures, do not take hIs own life a joke.

Interior maintenance. Interior clean or not for the health of occupants Is greatly affected. Carpet, dashboard, inside of them, such as leather, eventually becoming clear, there Will be a very thick layer of ash, if nothing else clean it, it Will generate healthy bacteria to affect us, especially often drive people. For leather, in fact, we have a special cleaning tool, selecting ware to be different for different materials; air professional interior steam sterilization, air conditioners, Carpets, seat covers and the like sterilized dIsinfected; dashboard may be wiped with a cloth , an air conditioner should be tested daily export button or the like, Is cleaned, to coat table board wax; seat to avoid any liquids or other foods was poured on top, the seat cover but also to scratch propagation; Automobile roof It can be sucked with a vacuum cleaner. These can be self-maintenance, but occasionally can be cleaned once or twice a specialty store, after all, relatively clean.

of the tire. To reduce the rIsk of tire also has a role. Tires have to withstand a certain pressure, so the pressure Is not too high or too low, too high because the expansion Will lead to a flat tire, and low pressure, Will tread subsidence, so a certain amount of rIsk to driving on the way of the Car. So we do not know, then, can be equipped with tire pressure gauge, tire pressure Is measured. Also, see if there are signs of worn tires, the tire grip on the ground there Is a role, especially after rain and melting snow wet ground, if it Is more wear large extent, the probability of accidents Will be greatly increased. So thIs Is very dangerous, you can go to the repair shop test.

spark plug. Although it Is only a humble small parts, but it plays an important role, Is the spark plug on the engine, without it, the engine Will not start, it Is a lot of people are aware of. It has a certain heat range, it ignites the mixture to generate power, as well as tightness, it Is closed to maintain the pressure within the cylinder. Its effect on the engine Is very large. So choose a high-quality, good brand reputation affects the performance of the engine.

belt. Belt seem like much, but one can guarantee you safe driving. Often when driving or passengers, there Will be a lot of noIse, that may not adjust well, there Is a belt of aging, it Is possible to replace.

transmIssion oil. It Is good maintenance can increase the life of the vehicle. As the name suggests it Is the lubrication means. There are two kinds of manual and Automatic transmIssion oil. There are generally life cycle. The manual Is two years or 60,000 km as a replacement cycle; Automatically Is 6-12 ten thousand kilometers to a replacement cycle.

Car maintenance Is very knowledgeable, not only to learn these, as these are a learning engine oil, various filters, as well as the appearance of cleaning protection, so we have to learn knowledge Is endless.